Elvis would never have been Elvis
without his guitarist Scotty Moore.
From the beginning, Moore provided
that distinct sound which appealed
to music fans worldwide and made
Elvis an international superstar.
Today they are together in Rockabilly
Moore is the musical centerpiece of:
Mystery Train, Blue Suede Shoes,
Let's Play House, Jailhouse Rock,
Heartbreak Hotel, That's All Right,
Good Rocking Tonight and many
I had the incredible privilege to
talk with Scotty Moore for a few
hours in the late 90's. It gave me
a front row seat to the Elvis story
from the beginning as it was happening.
He revealed one fascinating fact to me
that is quite extraordinary. Apparently,
Elvis, tired of his whole rock image
and style, told Moore that he wanted
to discontinue singing and instead
form an instrumental group where
Elvis would play piano only.
"Are you joking?," I said.
"No, I am very serious" said the
down to earth guitarist.

Every American Has To Deal With This In Their Own Way

I decided to randomly select one of the 50 people whose lives were cut short last night in Orlando.

I felt this would make it more personal and not just a news story.

Just from the name only, I selected Stanley Manolo Almodovar III.
He was 23 years old and I then found a Facebook page:

He was a pharmacy technician.
He lived in Claremont, Florida and
was originally from Springfield, MA.

I got a big laugh out of this he had to say:
"Do NOT expect me to say 'Bless you" after your 5th sneeze. By then, you need to get your ass under control."

And this statement from him a year ago means
a great deal now:
"Gotta appreciate the little things in life today you can have everything and tomorrow lose everything"

His life was really just getting started.
Who knows what he might have accomplished in later years.

At least now he's not just some name in a story.


72 Years Ago. The Turning Point of World War II. Do You Have a Moment to Thank These Men?

72 Years Ago, 80,000 Americans stormed the beaches of Normandy--knowing that uncertain death lied ahead for most of them.

Thousands Died. Thousands Were Wounded. Thousands Were Injured For Life. Hundreds Were Unaccounted For.

It was THE TURNING POINT of the war.

If these brave Americans had not donated their lives, all of your fuckin' Hip Hop, Rap Crap and Prefabricated Manufactured Whore Pop Music would all be in German and would sound like military marches.
Your mindless TV shows which get cancelled with new ones replacing them every 2 weeks would still be the lowest common denominator but would have excessive German laugh tracks.
Your constant sequels and reboots of movies would be up to "Hitler--A Really Great Dude 75."
Your cell phones which have become permanently attached to your hands wouldn't have Siri--they would have "Adolph"--and when you ask for something it would tell you "Ich gebe die Befehle" (I Give the Orders!).

Can you take a minute and thank 80,000 Americans that gave the ultimate sacrifice so you can continue to live your pitiful, meaningless media-obsessed lives?