Chances are that you have heard something about a color-changing dress in the last few days.

Try this first. What color is the dress and what color is the lace?

 Some of you will say - it is clearly a white dress with gold lace. 

Some of you will say - it is clearly a blue dress with black lace.

When I saw this for the the first time last night, it was clearly a white dress with gold lace. I mean--how could anybody say it was blue?

I made a copy of it.

When I woke up this morning, the dress was now clearly blue with black lace. My first thought was that the photo must have a program built in that changes the color.

Throughout the day, under different outside and inside lighting conditions, I have watched it change back and forth at different times.

Apparently, an illusion is taking place.

When you look at the photo, your brain picks up a small context clue of it and then establishes the rest of it--all happening in milliseconds.

Wouldn't it be great if this worked on a map of all the red and blue states?



It was Leonard Nimoy's portrayal of Mr. Spock which made the character a worldwide and timeless icon. Every actor focuses on different aspects of a character's personality, responses, vocal inflections, body movements, motivations and interactions. With a different actor, we would probably be looking at Mr. Spock in a completely different manner. Leonard Nimoy's version for a TV show with a tiny budget dominated television at the time and is legendary.

                    "Live Long And Prosper"



Lesley Gore was the Britney Spears of the early-mid 1960's if I had to explain it to those who were not there.

You've all heard "It's My Party," "Judy's Turn to Cry" and the first pop-feminist song ever, "You Don't Own Me" many times.

She was a worldwide phenomenon and represented the average teenage American girl in those innocent times.

Her singles played over and over on radio worldwide and throughout the years.

Does anybody remember when she was cast as Catwoman's sidekick on the satirical "Batman" TV show?

Last year I learned something for the very first time.

Her real name was Lesley Goldstein.

The Hollywood publicity machine managed to keep this a secret throughout the entire 60's. And from then on. Nobody knew.

They just did not want to taint the idea of the personification  of the ultimate American teenage girl with a minority religious identification.

They further covered up the fact that she was a lesbian.

That would have created a national emergency in the early 60's.

Nobody ever questioned why she was never seen linked up with famous Hollywood male TV stars or recording artists.

We all assumed she was too busy having a party.

Lesley, thanks for the Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.



The Kardashian sisters have officially converted to Judaism and will create their own line of yamikas, prayer shawls and jewelry.

"It is so hip to be Jewish these days and we go where hip is," said Khloe Kardashian, the second most popular of the famous trio.

"We are already the 'chosen people' so why not play it out to the fullest," exclaimed Kim Kardashian as she demonstrated a new davening dance she created.

"I can only imagine what Bruce Jenner will look like as a Jewish woman," giggled Kourtney Kardashian.

The girls are considering changing their name to Kardashianberg and say that they invite everybody to join them at the Wilshire Blvd. temple on Friday evenings for new Friday night services followed by a Hip-Hop version of "Shalom Aleichem."


In 1969, when you went to the movie theater, you still got two movies. An extra full-length movie first and then the main film you came to see.

I always remembered a lighthearted film called "If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium," about an assorted group of American tourists on a whirlwind tour of Europe.

I remember it was charming, well-done and worthwhile.

Photography, acting, editing, sound are all top-notch from
producer David Wolper.

It still is enchanting and the entire film is currently available for free on YouTube:

It stars a very young Ian McShane who has been consistently active in acting since 1969 and a ravishing Suzanne Pleshette. And a cast of character actors who you will recognize from TV and movies of the era.

It's always a good memory test when you only saw it once back in 1969.

I remembered there was a young couple who kept trying to avoid their square parents.

I remembered Donovan singing a folk song in the back of the bus.

I remembered a romance between an American and the tour guide.

I remembered red-headed Peggy Cass being an annoying American.

Let's see how I did.

The young girl was on the tour with her parents. She met an American boy who was doing the hippie-protest scene alone in Europe and followed the tour on his motorcycle.

Donovan sang a folk song but it was in a coffee house for alienated young people.

The romance between the American and the tour guide seems very realistic and possible even from today's viewpoint.

Yes on Peggy Cass.

They don't make movies like this anymore. Why don't you watch it while it's there?

Oh the credits at the end. The last three seconds is very funny.


Taylor Swift's lawyers sent a threatening legal letter to a woman who put three words on a crafts gift for sale on Etsy. After all, Taylor Swift owns those three words and
nobody can use them without her permission.

Now Kate Perry's lawyers have sent a threatening letter to a man
who made a 3-D shark and placed it online for sale.
The letter says that it violates her copyright and intellectual

However, apparently, Kate Perry violated the copyrights and 
intellectual property of at least 9 cartoon sharks which
have been in existence for many years and one that is
marketed as a toy.

But she is Kate Perry. And her cartoon shark is the only
one that matters.

These people can get so ridiculous.