Sound Of Music On BluRay

The Sound of Music on BluRay is a wonderful experience.

The film, almost 50 years old is already so perfect technically that
as a period piece it never loses its appeal or appears out of date.

Three scenes were outright awesome on BluRay:

Maria on mountaintop

Children singing Do-Re-Mi throughout Salzburg

Captain and Maria at night in gazebo

At age 13, having graduated 8th grade, my parents took my
brother and I to the Michael Todd Theater in Chicago to
see this radiant film in 70 mm during its first run.
Considering we were impoverished, I don't know how they managed to do that.
But it still holds a special moment for me--anytime I see

Robert Wise as director did so many things that are
not noticed by a 13-year old.

The awkward glances and tension
between Maria and the Baroness.
The passion of the Captain tearing up the Nazi flag
as his loyalty to Austria is not corruptable.

The bittersweet breakup of the Captain and
the Baroness: heart-wrenching and
reality based at the same time.

As a 13-year old, the Captain and the Baroness seemed
like really old people.

The Baroness has gotten really, really hot over the years.
Liesl (Charmian Carr) always had the most stunning
blue eyes. In BluRay they are magnificent.

There will never be a movie like this again.
Younger generations would never go see something
like this unless you stick vampires in it.


Americans Have Been Responding Accordingly



Sean Hannity's audience has diminished by 50%.

Bill O'Reilly's audience has diminished by 33%.

Americans are speaking.

They do not even want to bother to listen anymore
to right-winged robots who make everything up
and whatever they say is going to happen--
the exact opposite occurs.

Americans made it very clear they are tired of these
people when they voted for President in 2012.