Shirley Temple

There will never be another Shirley Temple.

The talent and the time and place which elevated her to the biggest box office
star worldwide is a rarity.

During the Great Depression she brought a ray of hope to millions of people
worldwide whose lives had been devastated by the times. At least for 2 hours
at a time.

What you have to understand -- it was not children going to a Saturday matinee which
made her the biggest movie star in the world for 5 years.

It was the adults. Men would pick up their dates with a surprise--
"we're going to see the new Shirley Temple movie!"

In the late 1950's, a whole new audience of baby boomers watching children's television
discovered this talented munchkin.

The films are not all super sweet. They are filled with divorce, battling adults,
highly emotional situations, treacherous characters, action sequences and more.
That's why adults showed up worldwide.

Her unique status and charm will live on forever in film.


50 Years Ago This Evening...Sunday, February 9, 1964

Every young person in America and their curious parents were tuned to "The Ed Sullivan Show" on CBS.

Beatlemania had already begun on radio and now the group would perform live for the very first time in America.

The enthusiasm has never stopped. What happened back then?

1. A group from England at that time was the exotic equivalent of a band from Venus.

2. The country needed a lift 2 months after JFK.

3. The sound was unlike anything young people at the time had ever heard.

4. Their vivacious personalities and humor was overwhelming.

In six years, they constantly evolved. From Pop/Rock "Meet the Beatles"
to Folk Rock "Rubber Soul" to Experimental Pop "Revolver" to
Psychedelic "Sgt. Pepper" to Eclectic "White Album" to
R&B "Abbey Road."

And every one of their songs was commercial, hummable and unforgettable.

Can you imagine a world without The Beatles?

Quality of life in the 20th Century (and beyond) was greatly heightened
because of John, Paul, George and Ringo.