"Wake Me Up" by Avicii Really--You're Going To Like It

This is the Number One song worldwide:

"Wake Me Up" by Avicii


The very unique thing about this song being played on
dance floors all over the earth--

is that it is a combination of Neil Young and Abba.

It is a folk-rock song combined with 80's style dance music
and has elements of country, bluegrass and ballads as well.

So many musical genres in one song has attracted diverse audiences to it.

The artist is a Swedish DJ.

How often do I recommend a current pop song?

Yahoo! Runs Another Major Front Page Story Trying To Get Baby Boomers Not To Collect Their Social Security

Yahoo! Has Run Another Major Front Page Story Trying To Get Baby Boomers Not To Collect Their Social Security.

 I talked about this recently and told you that this is clearly Yahoo! doing this on behalf of
the U.S. Government that does not want all the Baby Boomers collecting what is owed
to them. Because millions of Baby Boomers will see this article and might be persuaded
by the arguments presented, Yahoo! will be paid back the next time they need
government approval for a merger or acquisition.

However, now many people are starting to notice this clear propaganda:

"Good grief yahoo this is the same story you have written 6 times in as many months.
We know already!"

"Well, it's been about a week since we've seen another article from this administration's propaganda machine, I mean, the media about waiting to retire until you are 70. The only reason the government wants you to wait to retire is so that they can keep your money longer."

"Get this propaganda outta here"

"This article was written to try and get people to retire later knowing that SS will not be there for them when they get ready to retire if we all start collecting at 62. Take the money now and screw the govt. They took and misspent a lot of our money."

"All of America better wake up, the media and "the so call US GOV" is wanting you to wait..., because hoping you will not live to the age... you better get what is available right NOW, due to the US GOV is spending the Social Security (SS) FUNDS; it is going to turn ugly when the People has paid in to SS all their life... and the US GOV states there is NO SS --- elderly, and all expecting the SS will be worst than any war against the US, the war will be between the People and the US GOV; the US GOV owes the People what the People has paid into, every last penny!"

"Take your Social Security the moment you can! No one is guaranteed another day, month or year! Regardless of how long Yahoo! or the Government say you are "Expected" to live."

First Act Of Real Evil As Perceived By My Generation Happened 50 Years Ago Today

It rang out on The Nightly News, it was on the front page of the newspapers my dad had brought home.

Four little girls died when their church was bombed in Alabama.

I was 10 and had just started 6th grade.

Discussions of what was going on in the South were simply not welcome at school,
home, church/synagogue or basically at any time, anywhere.

That was for the Nightly News and the newspapers to worry about.

Although we didn't really understand it, we had a basic idea of what was happening.

There were people in the south trying to stop the colored man from voting,
using the same public stores and facilities and from going to certain schools.

I knew many kids that went to church and that went to synagogue.

They did not have to worry about their safety in the house of God.

That's what made this hit home.

How could somebody do this to four little girls?

What did these children do to deserve this?

As our lives were centered on pop music, TV, movies, comic books, Disney, playing and having a good time in classic post-war America (with no mention ever of World War II)--this was the
first real Face Of Evil that most baby boomers would be very aware of.

And just the beginning. Our Disney-sheltered lives were about to come undone.


A "standard" is a song that has achieved a perennial existence and has been performed by dozens of artists in different styles, tones, moods.

Some "standards" you have heard in many different interpretations are songs like:
"I've Got You Under My Skin"

Many of them originally come from the decades of the 20's through the 60's.

I was watching a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" picture for the first time
called "Road To Rio."

I was suddenly enchanted by a very wonderful song performed by Bing called
"But Beautiful."

I have an extensive musical background and although familiar with thousands of songs,
I had never heard this before.

The song written in 1948 by the team of Jimmy Van Huesen and Johnny Burke
who gave you the classics "Swinging On A Star" and "It Could Happen To You"
apparently lost its momentum by the late 50's because I simply never heard it before.

It is like discovering a diamond in a long closed mine.

I will let you discover the elegance and bewitching qualities of this song by
listening to it yourself:


Have you ever heard it before? What a treasure to find 65 years later.