Bobby Kennedy And Me

I had a cartoonist draw a picture of the time when I was 15 and met Bobby Kennedy in 1968, just a few weeks before he won the California primary. We were alone by his plane. A special memory that becomes more meaningful through the years.

Andrews Sisters vs. Kardashian Sisters

Andrews Sisters vs. Kardashian Sisters

Now that the last remaining member of the Andrews Sisters has passed away at 94,
the only sisters act we have left is the Kardashian Sisters.

A comparison.

The Andrews Sisters made life in America through the WW2 years

The Kardashian Sisters make life in the 2010+ years unbearable.

The Andrews Sisters had immense talent.

The Kardashian Sisters have no talent.

The Andrews Sisters had a distinctive sound that was and still is
pleasing to the ear.

The Kardashian Sisters have a distinct sound of cats screeching.

The Andrews Sisters brought class and dignity to America.

The Kardashian Sisters bring shame and scorn to America.

The Andrews Sisters have maintained a legacy since the 1940s.

The Kardashian Sisters will hopefully go away soon.