"What Is Mudslinging?"

In December 2007 while discussing the 2008 Presidential election, I told a Government class to watch for all the "MUDSLINGING" that would begin in January between all the candidates for President.

"What Is Mudslinging?" I was asked. "Watch for the candidates to start attacking each other with innuendo, allegations, revelations, rumors and other sensational rhetoric designed to make each other look really, really bad."

Right on schedule, it started in the New Year and has been one of the most vicious campaigns that I can recall in a Presidential election year.

And as planned, Americans fall for it. One day they are swayed by one attack and then a bigger one comes along a few days later and they are swayed by that.

It is unfortunate that Americans don't automatically put up a screen that analyzes what is exactly happening before they allow themselves to be easily manipulated.


I know you are all too busy reading about and helping to promote the showbiz career of the prostitute that brought down the Governor of New York, but I was wondering if I could have your attention for a moment.

Today is a shameful American anniversary. It is the 40th anniversary of the "My Lai Massacre." It was 40 years ago today, that Charlie Company of the U.S. Army slaughtered, murdered, raped and massacred 500 innocent and unarmed men, women and children living in a South Vietnam Village.

"What Are You Talking About...You Commie?" might be your first reaction.

That's what Google is for. You need to inform yourself as difficult as it might be.

After all, throwing dozens of people into a ditch and slaughtering them with machine guns after burning down their huts doesn't seem possible. Especially when the officers who gave the orders manage to cover it up for months until some decent humanitarians caught in the middle come forth--even contacting the President of the United States Richard Nixon (who ignores it) , the media, and Congress.

I'll let you find the details for yourself. It's your homework assignment as a regular reader of this blog.

A division of the American Army went crazy and slaughtered 500 defenseless Vietnamese and destroyed their village. The man who initiated the attack, Second Lieutenant William Calley, is the ONLY one who is ever punished with 4 months in prison. His sentence was reduced from a life term in prison. Richard Nixon, who currently ties with George W. Bush as the worst President in history, intervened on Calley's side.
The only shining note--Our government eventually honored the few men who tried to stop what was happening and/or reported the incident under threats not to do so from senior officers.

You can now return to your Ashley obsession. She definitely deserves her own TV show, a movie on her life and a book deal.