What Americans Really Need To Get Mad About

I was at Amoeba Records today, the only record store left in Los Angeles when everybody heard a commotion going on outside. Thousands of protesters were marching outside in Hollywood from Hollywood Blvd. to Sunset Blvd. and focusing on the CNN building. They were protesting our continued involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their emphasis was on the fact that the money being spent for these two wars could be going to help Americans. As I have already said that many times, I figured I should have been with them but already contribute to the cause.
Americans were very angry this week because of the outlandish bonuses ranging from $100,000. to $6 million being paid out of our pockets to AIG employees who clearly don't deserve such an outrageous amount of money. Americans can clearly relate to that. IF you still have a job, the guy next to you has been laid off and you've been given his work to do on top of your own. Or you may be working 2 or 3 jobs to try and get by. And you certainly are not getting any bonuses from your employer. This is something you can relate to. When you are barely getting by yourself, why should you be funding unbelievable bonuses for people that are getting rewarded for driving a company into the ground.
However, looking at the overall picture, these bonuses amount to a total of about $200 million.

Your taxes are paying for $300 million DAILY in IRAQ and $60 million DAILY in AFGHANISTAN. By comparison, the bonuses are pocket change.

You need to get mad and demand that we discontinue these wars and put millions instead into funding DAILY in education, job retraining, entrepreneurial projects, health care, housing and every other need for Americans.


Arnold Should Go Back To Playing Hollywood--Instead of Playing Governor

California as everybody knows is in an economic crisis. And why not? A majority of Californians elected a Governor that had ZERO experience in politics, administration and management.

He was elected because it would be cool to have a movie star as the Governor.

One of the first things that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did was to call a "special election." It seemed that Arnie decided that there were a number of things that were necessary to fix California.

Every one of the proposals he was pushing on the November 2005 ballot was defeated by the citizens.

Although this disaster got a lot of attention, the cost of it didn't.

When it was over, it was determined the cost of holding that "special election" came out to

Look at it this way. ONE MILLION COMPUTERS could have been purchased at $200. each and every school in the state would have had computers for every student and dozens of backups when those needed to be replaced as well.

But nobody complained. After all, we had a really cool guy as our leader.

It has taken complete economic devastation for average people to start becoming concerned.

Maybe the homeless bum lying on the street has become more human to you now.

How To Save General Motors

The news from General Motors today was not good.
Even with the infusion of our taxpayer's billions, it is unlikely they can survive.
Billions more from struggling Americans will only result in delaying the expected.


What American company always puts out the most desirable products that has people standing in lines for days and camping out overnight? What American company always has the answer to consumer's demands and needs?

Yes, it is Apple.

And the answer is simple. Remove the current management of General Motors.

Replace it with management teams from Apple. They would know what to do.

GM would survive and thrive.

They Definitely Know How To Entertain

Do you remember when just a few years ago it would be embarrassing to tell somebody that you were a Democrat? Or a Liberal? Or a Progressive?

As it has happened before in American politics, it has been completely turned around.

It is now embarrassing to tell people you are a Republican. Or a Conservative. Or a Right-Winger.

The only safe haven for Republicans these days is when they turn on that Oxycontin-Saturated Whale Rush Limbaugh, that Schoolyard Bully/Choir Boy Sean Hannity, that Loud Mouthed Screaming Male Banshee Mark Levine and that Sex Obsessed Android Bill O'Reilly.

There is no question. They are very entertaining. It is much more fun to listen to these out-of-control programmed mouthpieces for the Republican Party who twist everything than it is to listen to Democratic/Liberal talk radio, that is if you can even find it anywhere.

We don't need a new Fairness Doctrine. That was instituted in 1949 when there were a limited amount of TV stations, radio stations and no other electronic means of mass communication.

We have the Internet. You can get any political viewpoint you wish all day long on the Internet.

The radio consumer market has spoken. Even though the Democrats now dominate politically, it is the wacky Republicans that people want to hear on the radio. They are just so much more fun as they pervert and twist everything. More power to them. They are just so much fun!

I Finally Remembered The Significance of Today

I spent almost all day trying to remember the significance of March 1.

I could not recall. Was it an historical date? No. Was it a birthday, anniversary or something like that? No. I could not figure it out.

Then suddenly, as I was tying my hair into a ponytail (something I've always wanted to do but never had it long enough) I remembered!

Last March 1, I decided to grow my hair longer than it has ever been before!
It actually started as a bet with some students as to who could grow their hair the longest.
Looks like I've won! I have not cut it in one year's time.

It's actually longer than that picture from 90 days ago.

A friend and I were the first to grow our hair longer than anybody else in 1966 to the dismay of parents and the grade school (was in 8th grade). But the version of that was nothing compared to what it is today.

In 1970, two months before high school graduation, the high school sent me home and said "Don't come back until you cut your hair," again it was hardly anything to get excited about. If I had known about the ACLU at the time, I never would have gotten it cut and would probably be in the Government text book as well. They hated long hair then--Fascist Nixon lovers--as most people over 30 were at the time.

Don't forget, in the late 1960's, Disneyland began not admitting any men with long hair into the Magic Kingdom. (check it out for yourself online).

Many people still associate long hair with the hippie era of the late 60's and early 1970's and rebellion. It actually is freedom. If you could, just ask the millions of men who served in the American Civil War. All of them--long haired freedom fighters (viewing it that way from both sides) who were just wearing the style of the day.

The right-wing theocrats in this country always ignore the millions of pictures of Jesus with his long flowing hair. "That's different, he was God."

Too bad they don't realize that the first image of Jesus created in 300 A.D. was somebody's runaway imagination.
And has stuck ever since. They turned him into a gorgeous, long haired, blue eyed, tall Swedish man.

The reality is that Jesus, (Yeshua before his name was converted) was a 1st Century Palestinian Jew who looked no different than the average Jewish man of the time. He would have been dark skinned, short, large nose, brown-eyed, average looking and a Roman-style haircut (like Moe of the Three Stooges) or short curly hair with a beard.

Any man daring to wear long hair at the time would have not only been completely out of place, he would have been crucified for not following the accepted Roman hair style of the time.

Sorry to destroy some of your fantasies. But it seems we prefer our Gods only as beautiful, tall and handsome giants. Buddha being the exception. And the half-Elephant/half-Human guy with four arms.

I do see many men starting to grow their hair long or longer again these days.