One Of The Saddest Things I Ever Saw In My Life -- A Sad Clown Painting Comes To Life

Around 1979, I saw one of the saddest things I had ever seen in my life. I have never said anything about it to anybody, but I'm always reminded of it this time of year.
I always watch "White Christmas" every year at this time, one of the greatest Hollywood musicals with songs by Irving Berlin and starring Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby. 

The post-WW2 story is clever, patriotic, romantic and charming.

Danny Kaye, one of the world's greatest clowns and song/dance men will always be a legend.
My parent's generation knew him from the movies and us baby boomers were introduced to him when he became a TV star for adults and children's programming.

His volunteer humanitarian work on behalf of UNICEF was unprecedented for a Hollywood star of his status trying to help underprivileged children worldwide.

Sometime in 1979, TV/film comedian Harvey Korman was having a birthday party at his house. At that time, I had a business providing some unique entertainment services and had to drop by for a minute to deliver something. I remember in the dining room, Harvey was being hysterical as ususal with all his friends going crazy. 

On my way out of the house, I remember a smaller living room area. It was very dark, but just enough light for me to see a man alone by himself in the corner. His hands were on his face as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and clearly wanted to be alone. Why was he out here in a clearly miserable scenario when the laughter from the next room was so infectious?

"Oh My God," I said to myself, "That's Danny Kaye."

Here was "the" man who had brought roaring laughter, fantasy and a vibrancy to my life and millions throughout the rest of the world -- and I felt like I was watching a movie -- as he for the first time I would ever see in this private moment -- playing the role of a sad clown who was clearly troubled by something that had led him to such despair.

Should I go up to him and say "Mr. Kaye--thank you for making this a happier world for millions of people"???  I knew it was the wrong time and place.

The only time I had the privilege of being near a comedy legend like Danny Kaye and I had to see him like this. It disturbs me to this day. He would have been about 68 at the time.

Americans - Keep Loving Your TV While You Lose All Your Rights

In 1967, an episode of "The Monkees" called “Mijacogeo”
(a.k.a. “The Frodis Caper”)
was totally insane even by that show's writing standards.

In the story, everybody had become hypnotized and taken over
by their TV sets which were only displaying this test pattern:

It was up to the Monkees to find out who was behind it and
stop it.

The amazing thing is that this very thing has happened in America.

While America turns into a police state, the government is spying on every American, your Constitution and your civil rights are being infringed upon and eliminated daily, all of your jobs are being shipped overseas, you cannot say anything anymore
unless it is approved by fascist organizations--you have been hypnotized by your TV set.

Your TV programs are the most important things in your life.

Yahoo!'s front page stories also continually highlight the most
valuable aspect of life in America:
*What new TV shows are coming on
*What changes are being made in current TV shows
*The best deal you can get on cable TV
*The best deal you can get on a new and bigger TV set
*Who was kicked-off of "Dancing With The Stars"

 When you wake up some morning and find out that America has totally become the new Nazi Germany and you are no
longer allowed to even speak or express yourself, enjoy your favorite TV programs!


The first "adult" song I ever heard as a child and fell in love with is called "Tammy."
It was 1957, I was 4 years old, and my mom had it playing on the radio all the time.
(The number 1 song was so popular it played non-stop for a year)
It is the song which made me love more sophisticated music.
The song is one of the most beautiful tunes ever written.

"Tammy" is the main theme from the movie "Tammy And The Bachelor" starring
Debbie Reynolds. I never saw the movie until tonight.

The story about a girl who lives on the backwoods river of Louisiana with her
 grandfather and falls in love with a sophisticated man is representative of
what Hollywood used to be in another place and time.
A timeless romantic comedy-drama.

Debbie Reynolds always will be young. Walter Brennan always will be old.
A whole generation of moviegoers only know an old Leslie Nielsen from
his 80's and 90's comedy spoofs, but would be surprised to see him as
a young leading man.

I did not know that the DVD version had been completely restored to its
Cinemascope and Technicolor origins. On a giant modern TV, it was like
seeing it at the theater for the first time.

The film from Universal has one incredible situation.
The "town plaza" set which was used first in a 1985 version
and then a reworked 1955 version for "Back to the Future"
is in a scene in this film.

However, because this film is set in 1957, you get to see the
"town plaza" as it actually looked back then with corresponding
shops, cars, people and clothing.

The song "Tammy" continues to enchant after all these years.

Jay Livingston and his partner Ray Evans were also responsible
for a number of other film song classics including
''Que SerĂ¡, SerĂ¡," "Mona Lisa," "Silver Bells" and oddly enough--the theme somg
for "Mr Ed."

JFK - The Day That Changed America

JFK - It Was 50 Years Ago Today. Here's How I Found Out.

I remember everything in detail.

It was a wonderful Friday in innocent "Leave it to Beaver" America.

What you have to understand is that the early years of the 1960's were nothing
but an extension of the 1950's. "The 60's" don't start until 1966.

I was living in the most northern part of Chicago, Illinois and attending
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School in Rogers Park.

The K-8 school was made up of kids who now in 6th grade, had known
each other since Kindergarden.

Back then, all kids from first to eighth grade could walk home for lunch.
These were very safe times.

I specifically remember not being hungry that day and stayed outside
running around for the lunch hour. At 12:55, same as Dallas time,
we went upstairs to sit down.

Something was not right.

I must first explain that teachers until "The 60's" happened were all the
same throughout America. They never smiled. They never laughed.
They were never sad. They all had poker faces not revealing any
emotions. This is how they presented themselves.

The teacher, a woman in her 50's or 60's, Mrs. Wall, just sat
at her desk--and she was clearly bothered about something.

This was not normal. Teachers never showed emotions.

When the bell rang at 1:00, it got even more bizarre.

She just sat there staring at her desk and did nothing.
This woman always started class exactly on time.

A minute later, a teacher who we would have in 7th grade,
opened the classroom door and tears were streaming down her face.
This was shocking. We had never even seen a teacher sad before.

This teacher nodded her head up and down--sending a cryptic
message to our teacher, closed the door and left.

At this time, the girls in the class, sensing something was very
wrong--began to cry. Within a minute, every girl in class was
crying without knowing why.
The boys just looked around in confusion and puzzlement.

This school was poor. They didn't even have an intercom system.

A minute later, a student brought a note to our teacher.

She said, "The principal wants you to all come to the auditorium
immediately and 'bring your things'."

"Bring Your Things?"

This meant we were going home. We just came back from
lunch and we were going home. Something was very wrong.

As all the students 1st through 8th grade filled the auditorium,
the principal, Mrs. Caird, a stern, cranky woman in her 60's, looked at all of us
in a serious manner and said:

"President Kennedy has been killed. I want you to go all home
right now."

In "Leave It To Beaver" America, elementary students who
were not expected home at that time had no concerns.

Dad would be at work. But mom, June Cleaver, would be at home
preparing dinner or taking care of younger children. At the most
she would be at the supermarket and would be right back.

Could you imagine the lawsuits today if an entire elementary school
of children were sent home today without notice?

When we got home, the story was the same for all kids.

Moms were in tears as they were tuned in to Walter Cronkite on CBS.

That night, for the first time ever, a giant cartoon took up the entire
page of the major Chicago newspaper. And it was quite shocking.
The famous Bill Mauldin cartoon was of Abraham Lincoln bent over
and crying.

We didn't quite understand the significance of all this at 10 years old.
We just knew that there was no TV for three days except for
coverage of the events in Washington.

America was changed forever.

The country would be very sad for months.

It would take something just in the right place and the right time
to turn that around and fill-in that void.

This would happen on February 9, 1964 on a Sunday night on CBS.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

Lou Reed pulled off something that few people could ever do.

Every pop radio station was playing his song "Walk On The Wild Side" at the end of 1972 and
nobody knew what it was really about.

There were some rumors that it was about a transvestite but this was dismissed.
After all, commercial Top 40 radio stations would never play such a song.

RCA knew. Because they edited the song for the single release.
It originally contained clear X-rated references.

It was many years later when we were out of the Carpenters-influenced musical innocence
phase that it became apparent:

Yes, the song was about transvestites, prostitution and drug abuse.

And thousands of radio stations had not know that.

Lou Reed, who already had created a very unique artistic vision with Velvet Underground
had gone solo. And David Bowie produced the song.

A fusion of Blues-Jazz--Rap (even before there was such a thing) created a sound
unlike anything else on Top 40 radio.

Lou Reed went on to influence many diverse artists that wanted to present
something other than Top 40 mush.

Top 40 needs a Lou Reed badly right now.

Christopher Columbus Would Be On Trial Today As A Mass Murderer

Today is Columbus Day--a Federal Holiday celebrating the man who allegedly
discovered America.

This is no different than having a Federal Holiday to honor Hitler.

 I remember our grade school activities in the late 50's and early 60's.
We would make paper ships, learn songs, write tributes to this "great" man.

All over America, millions of children would do the same.

The teachers forgot to tell us something important.
That's because they didn't know about it either.
And the textbooks were devoid of any such information.

Christopher Columbus and his men were mass murderers,
torturers, sadists, rapists, slave holders/traders and the purveyors of
every despicable thing you could do to other human beings--
Indians already living in the Caribbean--who they decided were
not human beings at all.


The list of atrocities is quite stunning:
Mass slaughter of Indians that protested being slaves;
Enslavement of Indians to gather gold daily from the mines;
Cutting off noses, ears and arms of Indians that did not retrieve enough gold daily;
Forcing women into prostitution for the crew;
Forcing 10-year-old girls into personal sex slaves;
Killing babies for dog food;
Unleashing vicious dogs on uncooperative Indians;
Burning alive uncooperative Indians;
Hunting Indians for sport/games;
Splitting up families to take as slaves for sale in Europe

I don't remember reading about any of this in my MacMillan history book.

The word started getting out in the last 30 years and if you decide to attend
a Columbus Day Parade--you are giving your approval to Genocide.

This holiday needs to be revoked.


Thomasina -- Cute Disney Cat Film -- Not Quite

"The Three Live of Thomasina," is a Disney film which I saw at age 11 in 1964.

I saw a VHS copy for $1.00 and thought "I haven't seen this film in almost 50 years. I don't remember anything about it at all. And look at that cover. This has got to be beyond cute!"

I am glad I made this decision--but did not at all see what I thought it was going to be.

"The Three Live of Thomasina" is a very, very dark drama.

It is the kind of movie that happens to have a child as star, and would have normally been made by Warner Bros. or Universal.

Filled entirely with adult concepts--death of the mom, a bitter isolated father, death of the cat, mistrust, prejudice and ultimate redemption--it is from a novel and apparently was kept close to it.

The film has an intense scene which is still too strong for children.
The little girl, who is angry with her father, is asked about him.
She responds "My Daddy's dead. I killed him" which is delivered
in a quite incredible emotional manner.

This is not a Disney "My daddy's dead." It is not a comedy Flubber line.

It is absolutely breathtaking and stirring.

There are other moments like this which you may not remember or don't know
because you would never buy a movie with a cute cat cover like this.

There is the ultimate one animated scene--Cat Heaven.
Magical and mystifying.

Teen Angel

I live across from a large apartment building in Burbank.
People come and go, have their parties, and I just mind my own business.
For the last few years, a very nice man always says hello to me and I say
hello back. I figured he is either Armenian or Middle Eastern. I saw him
once having trouble with his car and I asked him if he needed a jumpstart,
but that's been the extent of any conversation.

After I pulled in yesterday and was getting some groceries, he walked over
and asked me if I heard about the tragic accident. I was totally unaware
of anything and told him I didn't.

"5 young people died in a fiery crash just 5 minutes from here," he calmly said.

"I didn't know about that. What happened?"

"They were coming down Scott road at too fast a speed and at the curve
the car smashed into a wall, exploded in flames and they all died. They were all
18 and 19. It's all over the local news."

"I don't watch the local news, only the national things going on.
That's very terrible. I didn't know anything about it."

"My daughter was in there."


"My daughter was in the car."

I didn't know what to say. I was speechless.

I suddenly realized that I had a number of times seen a girl about 19
who would be joyfully picked up by friends with their stereo blasting
and everybody laughing and carrying on.

As I listened he told me that she went to college and worked at Best Buy.

She was 5 minutes from being dropped off.

I realized then that the "party" I had heard going on for the last two nights
(I saw dozens of young people coming and going to the building) was
a traditional Mid-Eastern wake.

5 young people just starting their lives. A tragedy of untold proportions.

That's all I have thought about for the last two days.
What this man, other family and her friends are going through.

I've had almost 61 years of some incredible experiences filled with
joys and sorrows. A full life. Hers was just starting.

I continue to ask a higher power how this could happen.

"Wake Me Up" by Avicii Really--You're Going To Like It

This is the Number One song worldwide:

"Wake Me Up" by Avicii


The very unique thing about this song being played on
dance floors all over the earth--

is that it is a combination of Neil Young and Abba.

It is a folk-rock song combined with 80's style dance music
and has elements of country, bluegrass and ballads as well.

So many musical genres in one song has attracted diverse audiences to it.

The artist is a Swedish DJ.

How often do I recommend a current pop song?

Yahoo! Runs Another Major Front Page Story Trying To Get Baby Boomers Not To Collect Their Social Security

Yahoo! Has Run Another Major Front Page Story Trying To Get Baby Boomers Not To Collect Their Social Security.

 I talked about this recently and told you that this is clearly Yahoo! doing this on behalf of
the U.S. Government that does not want all the Baby Boomers collecting what is owed
to them. Because millions of Baby Boomers will see this article and might be persuaded
by the arguments presented, Yahoo! will be paid back the next time they need
government approval for a merger or acquisition.

However, now many people are starting to notice this clear propaganda:

"Good grief yahoo this is the same story you have written 6 times in as many months.
We know already!"

"Well, it's been about a week since we've seen another article from this administration's propaganda machine, I mean, the media about waiting to retire until you are 70. The only reason the government wants you to wait to retire is so that they can keep your money longer."

"Get this propaganda outta here"

"This article was written to try and get people to retire later knowing that SS will not be there for them when they get ready to retire if we all start collecting at 62. Take the money now and screw the govt. They took and misspent a lot of our money."

"All of America better wake up, the media and "the so call US GOV" is wanting you to wait..., because hoping you will not live to the age... you better get what is available right NOW, due to the US GOV is spending the Social Security (SS) FUNDS; it is going to turn ugly when the People has paid in to SS all their life... and the US GOV states there is NO SS --- elderly, and all expecting the SS will be worst than any war against the US, the war will be between the People and the US GOV; the US GOV owes the People what the People has paid into, every last penny!"

"Take your Social Security the moment you can! No one is guaranteed another day, month or year! Regardless of how long Yahoo! or the Government say you are "Expected" to live."

First Act Of Real Evil As Perceived By My Generation Happened 50 Years Ago Today

It rang out on The Nightly News, it was on the front page of the newspapers my dad had brought home.

Four little girls died when their church was bombed in Alabama.

I was 10 and had just started 6th grade.

Discussions of what was going on in the South were simply not welcome at school,
home, church/synagogue or basically at any time, anywhere.

That was for the Nightly News and the newspapers to worry about.

Although we didn't really understand it, we had a basic idea of what was happening.

There were people in the south trying to stop the colored man from voting,
using the same public stores and facilities and from going to certain schools.

I knew many kids that went to church and that went to synagogue.

They did not have to worry about their safety in the house of God.

That's what made this hit home.

How could somebody do this to four little girls?

What did these children do to deserve this?

As our lives were centered on pop music, TV, movies, comic books, Disney, playing and having a good time in classic post-war America (with no mention ever of World War II)--this was the
first real Face Of Evil that most baby boomers would be very aware of.

And just the beginning. Our Disney-sheltered lives were about to come undone.


A "standard" is a song that has achieved a perennial existence and has been performed by dozens of artists in different styles, tones, moods.

Some "standards" you have heard in many different interpretations are songs like:
"I've Got You Under My Skin"

Many of them originally come from the decades of the 20's through the 60's.

I was watching a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" picture for the first time
called "Road To Rio."

I was suddenly enchanted by a very wonderful song performed by Bing called
"But Beautiful."

I have an extensive musical background and although familiar with thousands of songs,
I had never heard this before.

The song written in 1948 by the team of Jimmy Van Huesen and Johnny Burke
who gave you the classics "Swinging On A Star" and "It Could Happen To You"
apparently lost its momentum by the late 50's because I simply never heard it before.

It is like discovering a diamond in a long closed mine.

I will let you discover the elegance and bewitching qualities of this song by
listening to it yourself:


Have you ever heard it before? What a treasure to find 65 years later.

Walt Disney Is Turning Over In His Grave

In 1963, Disney "Mouseketeer" Star Annette Funicello decided that she wanted to disassociate herself
from her innocent image and donned a daring bathing suit for a series of Beach Party movies.

In 2013, Disney "Hannah Montana" Star Miley Cyrus decided that she wanted to disassociate herself
from her innocent image and donned a stripper's outfit for a lewd, disgusting and obscene exhibition on the MTV Video Music Awards worldwide.


Changing Your Mind About Martin Luther King

Everybody is entitled to change their mind.
It is part of personal growth.
Even for Roy Masters.

Roy's current viewpoint on Martin Luther King clearly matches that of millions of Americans as we commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the "I Have A Dream" speech and the March on Washington.

And that viewpoint is that Dr. King was responsible for taking the strong stand that all Americans should be entitled to the same right, privileges and opportunities and we owe him our respect and admiration.

Such was not the case 22 years ago. After I did a talk radio show paying tribute to Martin Luther King and his work on behalf of equal civil rights for all Americans on a radio station owned by Roy Masters--Roy and a group of his right-winged pig-heads made it very clear to me where they stood on what I did:

"Martin Luther King was a Communist"
"Martin Luther King's organization was filled with Communists"
"There should not be a Federal holiday devoted to Martin Luther King"

 I have had the opportunity to spend time with men who were thrown into jail in the South after they peacefully marched with Martin Luther King. Of course, Roy once thought they were all Communists as well.

Roy--I am glad that you have changed your mind on this--and it appears quite genuine.

People need to know your past on this issue.

Yahoo! News And Stories Are Getting Tiresome

 Yahoo! has provided a wonderful service since the beginning of the open Internet.

And that is a free email account which has many features.

I have had one of the first Yahoo! email accounts since they were nothing but a search engine like Google with absolutely nothing else on the page.

However, when you go to get your email -- you are subjected to Yahoo! News and Stories.

And their stories have become repetitive.

It is made up of three of the same things over and over which you can't help but notice:

Here is what Jennifer Aniston did this morning.
Here is what Jennifer Aniston did this afternoon.
Here is what Jennifer Aniston did this evening.
Here is what Jennifer Aniston did between this morning and this afternoon.
Here is what Jennifer Aniston did between this afternoon and this evening.
Here is what Jennifer Aniston will be doing tomorrow.

This particular food is the best thing you can possibly eat for your health.
This same particular food is the worst thing you can possibly eat for your health.

Baby Boomers--you need to keep working until you are at least 70.
Baby Boomers--you need to keep working until you are at least 75.
Baby Boomers--you need to keep working until you are at least 80.
Baby Boomers--you want to hold off as long as possible to collect that Social Security.
Baby Boomers--collecting that Social Security early will ruin your retirement.


Realizing that millions of  Baby Boomers use Yahoo! email and must see their
news and stories, the U.S. government has asked Yahoo! to convince
them not to collect their Social Security when they are 62 or 65.

For continually doing this, Yahoo! of course will be paid back when they want
large mergers and other regulatory advantages.

One of the funniest stories that Yahoo! has run a number of times has been entitled
"That $500,000. you have saved for retirement is not going to be enough!"

Baby Boomers do not have $500,000 saved for retirement.
They do not have $50,000 saved for retirement.
They do not have $5000. saved for retirement.

Most of them are going to be living on Social Security in communes.
Just like in the 60's when they were getting their "social security" from mom and dad.



Most of you are familiar with Japanese Animation called ANIME. 

It's unique drawing style and cultural lifestyle has a world-wide following. The largest ANIME convention is being held in Los Angeles this week. Attended by thousands, which is primarily made up of younger folks--95% in their 20's, and 5% in their 30's--more than half who come dressed in elaborate ANIME costumes, is an enchanting fantasy world. I came to meet with some Japanese businessmen about my New Troll Doll (the TROLLNIKS www.trolldolls.com) which absolutely have an ANIME flavor to them. It was a wonderful experience with peaceful artistic creative people. Sort of the Woodstock of the ANIME world.


1984 was 20 years since the Beatles arrived on the scene. Like others, I had 20 years of non-stop enjoyment from Beatles music and subsequently the solo career of Paul McCartney. And that has never stopped for almost 30 more years. 

In 1984, Paul McCartney decided to make a movie that he would write from his own script and his own music. It was called "Give My Regards to Broad Street."

In 1982, I started the world's first online (and only) showbiz entertainment service. By 1984, I was the main movie reviewer but had others reviewing as well. 

I looked forward to see an advanced preview of Paul's movie. I went to many studio movie previews with other reviewers every week.

To my absolute surprise, this became something extremely special when Paul and Linda McCartney walked in and sat down in the row in front of me just to the left! It was like a dream. I was going to go talk to him, but the studio executives guarding him were making it clear that he was not to be bothered.

The movie was like a big music video. It had its moments--like the production number for "Ballroom Dancing"--but was what it was.

And the room full of movie critics sat there clearly not overwhelmed as it played on.

When the movie ended and the credits came on, there was absolute silence in the room.

I looked over and saw Paul very uncomfortable by the total non-response.

This was the moment I was going to pay Paul McCartney back for 20 years of music heaven.

I started applauding loudly and wildly. Then a second person followed. And a third. Then the whole room followed in unison, probably more of a tribute to Paul for his musical legacy than his movie.

The famous Beatle now was smiling and I was the one that made this happen.

As I left the theater, a fan was outside.

"Paul McCartney's in there!," he said to me.

"Yes, I know."

Memorial Day Means More And More As You Get Older

When I was a child growing up in the late 50's and early 60's, Memorial Day was a free day that you got off from school. That is how every child thought about it. After all, that war which you knew that your dad and uncles were in was a LONG, LONG, TIME AGO. They rarely talked about it and what difference did it make? The thing that mattered now was hula hoops, Frisbees, Rock and Roll music, 31 Flavors, riding bicycles, Troll Dolls, sitcoms, popsicles, candy store, milk shakes, comic books, Good Humor man,  McDonalds 15 cent hamburgers, James Bond, baseball, board games and the whole world was just fine and dandy!
And it was always going to be like that.

As you got older, you got a lot smarter and you realized something.

Some people want wealth. Some people want fame. And some people want POWER.

And unfortunately, it is the MEGALOMANIACS that are attracted to POWER

I used to play a board game called RISK where you try and take over the world.

The problem is that the MEGALOMANIACS that are attracted to POWER don't want to play the
board game, they want to do the real thing.

The most dangerous of these was Hitler.

This was a crazed maniac that wanted to take over the world.

And if 400,000 American men and women -- had not sacrificed their own lives,
he would have done so.

So as you go to your baseball games, parties, raves, restaurants, rock concerts, malls and all the other things that you do for fun as part of the American culture, you have 400,000 Americans to thank who gave their own lives so you can enjoy yours.

And the 1.5 million active Americans in the military and the 1.5 million in reserve who stand guard
24 hours a day so you can continue to have a great time--because there is always another MEGALOMANIAC who wants to take it all away from you.

Rolling Stones Kick-Off 50th Anniversary Tour

The Rolling Stones kicked-off their 50th Anniversary Tour in Los Angeles tonight
and it was stunning!

Mick Jagger, nearing 70, still has the energy of an 18-year old and
dominates the spectacular 2-hour non-stop performance.

It was a completely sold-out crowd despite what all the press said earlier today.

The first 45 minutes were classics and then another 45 minutes of
less heard and performed tracks that were just as dynamic.

The last half hour was the top classics ending with a very satanic-red
staged version of Sympathy For the Devil, then Jumpin' Jack Flash and Satisfaction.

Some really nice touches were added like having the UCLA marching band
open the show by walking through the audience while doing "Satisfaction"
and later the Cal State Long Beach choir doing the famous vocal part
of "You Can't Always Get What You Want."

Mick Jagger is the Rolling Stones and you can only wonder how much
longer this will go on.

Other than Paul McCartney representing The Beatles in concert,
this was the ultimate.

Neil Diamond Shines In Boston and Across the USA

If you don't know, for over 20 years, every baseball game at Boston's
Fenway Park has an audience stretch where the crowd sings
Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

The performer himself surprised the sell-out crowd by walking out
to lead the audience at today's game.

He said that he was bringing love from the rest of the country.

This has got to be one of the coolest things that
has happened in a week of tragedy in America.

Even topping this, every Major League Baseball team played the song
at their own stadiums today as a tribute to Boston.

For a moment it felt like the enthusiasm of the America of the 1950's.


She was just Annette.
She didn't need a last name.

Most baby boomers grew up with the "Mickey Mouse Club."

I loved the "Mickey Mouse Club"

Annette was everybody's big sister that you wanted to have.

She was sweet and kind and loving.

I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to her a few years back.

The person on the TV show was the same person in real life.

There was absolutely no ego, none. There was no self-promotion.

Just the same wonderful person I grew up with.

Annette was a role model for millions of little girls that wanted to be
just like her.

Now the little girls have Lindsay Lohan, the Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Snooki
and the rest of the media trash.

No wonder little girls turn into selfish, self-centered, self indulgent, egocentric,
narcissistic brats.