The Insane Kansas Personalized Plate Story

Kansas doesn't make the news very often, but now that it has over this story, you have to really wonder what goes on over there.

It turns out that Kansas (up until this week) has all these years had quite an unusual policy regarding personalized license plates.

Let's say that you wanted the Kansas personalized license plate: HUSKERS

The Kansas DMV would send it to you AS THEY DID to the almost 50 other car owners that wanted it as well.

I am not talking about HUSKERS1 and HUSKERS2, etc., all 50 people who wanted that "HUSKERS" personalized plate received it.

As did 30,000 other people who wanted personalized plates of an already existing license plate.

Apparently, Kansas just figured out that this is not very efficient for many obvious reasons, so they have decided that the first person that had the plate of any duplicate name gets to keep it, and everybody else must find a new one that is not being used.

People who were contacted this week and told they must get a new plate are thinking, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."


Why Can't You Act Like This the Rest of the Year?

Jose Feliciano, the writer and performer of the Christmas standard, "Felice Navidad," became very upset when he heard a parody of his song called "The Illegal Alien Christmas Song." That is not the issue I am concerned with. But this is.

Here is his statement: "When I wrote and composed 'Feliz Navidad,' I chose to sing in both English and Spanish in order to create a bridge between two wonderful cultures during the time of year in which we hope for goodwill toward all."

And that's the problem. Most of you think you should only have goodwill towards others during that special "time of year." And the hell with the rest of the year--you're just going to go back and be your regular selfish, greedy selves until you are required to have goodwill for that one week at the end of the year.

Most of you have been brainwashed by American corporations that you MUST give presents to all of your family and friends during that one week. Did you do anything charitable for a needy person during that week or anytime during the year? Did you walk by and ignore that starving homeless person from December 26 up until December 20th of the next year?

I do charitable things all year round. But I don't come up here and discuss them--because then it would not be charitable.

Don't fret, December 26th is almost here and you can all go back to reserving any compassion you might have for those less fortunate than you until December 20th of next year.

"Mandy" starring The Sims

You may or may not be familiar with "The Sims," a video game in which you control the lives of various characters you create. The new trend is to create various tiny scenes, digitize them and using computer film editing software, putting together a mini-movie.

The most wonderful production called "Mandy" with the Barry Manilow song playing is on YouTube. It is amazing because it touches everybody who sees it.

It shows that moving images combined with music makes for very powerful communications--even if it is with something as basic and silly as The Sims.

Uninvited White House Guests

The last time that an uninvited guest got into the White House, he stayed 8 years.

By the took George Bush eight years to destroy the country...
Obama has only had one year to try and fix it back up.