The latest outrageous attack on Freedom Of Speech in America.

The latest outrageous attack on Freedom Of Speech in America.

Satire and Parody are Protected Forms of Freedom of Speech.

That's what we do in America--ridicule and mock each other 24 hours a day. Especially if you are a public figure.

Jim Ardis, the Mayor of Peoria, Illinois could not deal with anybody making fun of him. When a local citizen made fun of him on Twitter, he had the Chief of Police call out seven officers and used other resources to track him down (and anybody else suspected in the criminal satire) barge into their homes, confiscate their electronic Internet devices and bring them in for interrogation. Just GOOGLE  Jim Ardis  Peoria  in NEWS for the story. 

This of course has resulted in dozens of other parodies going up about him.

Gee--one actually looks like my style and the author even went so far as to obtain the rights to to implement the parody.

If you don't stand up for what's left of your Freedom Of Speech in America--you are going to lose it completely.

How We Used To View Washington D.C.

When Baby Boomers were growing up in the 50's to the mid-60's,
we viewed Washington D.C. and the people who worked there as Super Human Beings that possessed Super Human Intelligence and Abilities. It was a magical place. All decisions that were made there were for the benefit of all Americans.

We compared those people to the Gods on Mount Olympus.

After the Kennedy Assassination in 1963--our government of Super Human Beings told us that one young fellow woke up one morning and decided to take down the President--and our faith and trust in our government satisfied us all and we went back to being good Americans.

Then the Vietnam War began in 1965 and something didn't seem quite right. Young people protested for the first time in American history. After the resignation of President Richard "I Am Not A Crook" Nixon in 1974, Americans began looking at the U.S. Government very differently.

It is now unanimous.
Americans are all aware that the U.S. Government is made up of the same fools, incompetents, morons, buffoons, nincompoops, slackers and blockheads that make up our families, neighbors, friends, co-workers and relatives.
 It doesn't matter if they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents or the new political party of the month. They make outlandish errors in judgment, bad policies, are manipulated by corporations and big money and do not have the interest of Americans in mind.

MICKEY ROONEY - The Most Talented Male Child Actor in History

Other than Shirley Temple, Mickey Rooney was the most famous child star ever.

And for good reason.

Acting, singing, dancing, playing drums, acrobatics...
it didn't matter--he did it.

There is no other male child star that even competes
in his league.

In the late 1970's, I got to go to his house and meet him.
It was an exciting privilege.

Whether by himself or teamed up with Judy Garland,
this was true deserving stardom.

Unlike that whore Miley Cyrus who becomes famous by being an obscene dancing harlot,
Mickey Rooney was the high class pinnacle of the Golden Age Of  Hollywood.