HALLOWEEN is always big in Hollywood.

I decided to put together the ultimate
HIPPIE outfit this year:
Tie Die T-Shirt
Love Beads
Head Band
Hair (that's mine)
Blue Jeans
Rainbow Shades

People think its funny.
If they had been around in 1968,
they would have seen it all over America.

Back To The Future 30th

A "Back to the Future" Marathon was held at the legendary Cinerama Dome in Hollywood to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the films and to coincide with the date 10/21/2015 that Marty and Doc go into the future in BTTF2.

It was spectacular seeing the films on the big screen again since 1985, 1988 and 1989.

I noticed that the majority of those attending were 25-35 years old, so I have to think about the attraction to that group.

About 30 people dressed up accordingly. Mostly guys wearing Marty's hat and jacket from BTTF2, girls dressed as Marty's girlfriend from the 1st film, and girls dressed for a 1950's dance.

I already had the hair naturally, found a yellow jacket and red shirt in the closet and used a pair of nightshades as goggles, making me the only realistic Doc Brown present. Yes, everybody was staring.

The American character has become a perverted sickness of Narcissism.

America has become a place where people try and out-market each other. They try and see if they can get more publicity than the next guy. This takes place at work, in schools, in homes, in communities, in traditional and social media.

The big problem occurs when people start believing their own publicity.

When they engage in publicity utilizing harmless stunts and actually know its really a bunch of BS and are secretly laughing about it all, they are actually quite level headed.

Its the ones that genuinely think they are more important than everybody else and their opinions and actions are of so much greater value than the rest of us, and will turn to harmful activities--who are the dangers to society.

There is no need to call in psychologists, FBI profilers and other experts to try and analyze America's most recent tragedy. The individual already told you in his online postings that he understood all of this. 

It has nothing to do with guns--it has to do with an individual who decides he is going to out-market everybody else and instantly be recognized by everybody in the nation. If he had an atomic bomb at his disposal, he would have used that.

The American character has become a perverted sickness of Narcissism.