America Runs On Oil. Where Does It Primarily Come From?

America runs on oil.

Transportation, Machinery, Heating, Energy, Plastics/Petrochemicals, Military. America would shut down without oil. The discussion of Oil vs. Alternative Energy will be discussed at some other time.

Where does America get most of its oil from?

"The Middle East" you say. What a stupid question. Ask 100 people and they'll say the same thing.

Actually, America gets the majority of its oil from Canada. America gets twice as much oil from Canada then from Saudi Arabia. Also ranking high on this list are Iraq and Kuwait. Which is why we have wars in those countries.

If there was just some way to eliminate dependency on Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait for oil.

There is. Also at the very top of the list of the countries that supply America with oil is Venezuela. If the amount of oil from South American located Venezuela could be tripled, America could be freed of its entanglement with Mid-Eastern countries.

Unfortunately, Venezuela knows the power they have because of its oil. Its always fun for countries when they can economically blackmail big bad America. And they always manage to elect socialist or fascist dictators. 

We had to deal for 13 years with the totally deranged Communist Hugo Chavez whose biggest hero was Fidel Castro. When he died (the U.S. was blamed for making him sick) he was recently replaced with Nicolas Maduro, a man with one philosophy: The U.S. is responsible for all of Venezuela's problems.

Despite out of control government and police corruption, failing economy, crime, human rights violations, huge demonstrations--according to Nicolas Maduro and his administration--it is all being manipulated by the United States.

Attempts by Secretary of State John Kerry to create new and positive relationships with Venezuela have been continually rejected.

Oil to the North of us. Oil to the South of us.
A small shift in dead dinosaurs and plants would have made America self-sustaining and free of most international problems.

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

I heard a song the other day which I had not heard in many years (decades actually)
and now I can't get it out of my head.

"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" was from 1976, just at the beginning of the
disco era and was performed by a British singer named Leo Sayer.

It went to Number One in America and topped music charts all over the world.

Sayer could go from a normal singing voice to a very intense falsetto
and actually had a number of hits in the era.

It's so much better than the same repetitive manufactured crap on pop radio right now.

Probably The Clearest and Most Emotional Voice Ever

It was early 1962 when I started listening to the major pop music station in Chicago, WLS. Having just turned 9 and gotten my first little transistor radio, the airwaves were filled with songs devoted to dances (Twist), ballads (Can't Help Falling In Love With You), the last of Doo-Wop (Duke of Earl), Movie Themes (Moon River) and other pre-Beatles (2 years away) remnants of the 1950's.

A song which was number one on country music stations, managed to cross-over and get a few weeks of airplay on this pop station. The female singer had the most emotional and captivating voice, as if she was really living the lyrics. The name of the song was "She's Got You" and the artist's name was Patsy Cline.

This was a country singer and we would never hear her again on pop music radio, nor would we even know that she died only a few months later in a plane crash.

The clarity and emotion in this woman's voice is incomparable.

If you don't know "Crazy" or have never heard "She's Got You," you need to experience it:

Americans Finally Showing They Realize What Is Really Going On

Yahoo!, a shill for the United States government, has been inundating us the last two weeks with marvelous stories written by their 20-year old interns about how the economy is getting so much better and everything has returned to just like America used to be! 

However, the thousands of responses from Americans would 
indicate otherwise and make it clear that Americans are not being fooled by Yahoo's stream of wonderful economic news fantasies. 

The responses from Americans clearly indicate:
American corporations are responsible for destroying middle class America by sending all the manufacturing jobs overseas;
American corporations have absolutely no sense of loyalty to America or Americans--their only interest is to squeeze more profits so executives can take home million dollar bonuses;
Skilled and Experienced Americans cannot find a full-time job. They are relegated to a few hours a weeks with no benefits, temp jobs or having given up completely;
People over 45 are experiencing mass "age discrimination" coded with phrases such as "you are too experienced," "this job is beneath you," "you'd take this job and leave us when something better comes along";
People in their 20's are receiving no responses to their applications and resumes at all, being told "we haven't gotten to those yet";
Even millions of professional jobs are being shopped out overseas or given to our "visitor friends" from other countries who do not complain about low wages, abusive treatment and no benefits;
Counting temporary Christmas jobs, part-time McJobs and not counting millions who have given up looking for work permanantly has distorted the wonderful employment picture and people can see through it now;
Yahoo constantly reminding us that the Great Recession is over and everything is back to normal is not what Americans are experiencing. The Great Recession continues and 99% of America is barely getting by.

I want to buy a quality pair of American Levis and I cannot anymore. They are made overseas, they fall apart after a few washings and the material feels like some kid of fabricated chemical stew made in a Frankenstein laboratory.

America's corporations have turned on the American people.

ABC--You Probably Want to Work On This Technology A Bit Longer At This Point.

ABC--You Probably Want to Work On This Technology A Bit Longer At This Point.

 ABC News has introduced a technology which automatically makes a transcript of its videos so you have the option of reading it instead of watching it. They posted this fine specimen. I especially like the line about "Our Springsteen Garment Medals"


Transcript for What If Mosquitoes were Completely Annihilated?

-- knowing killing. She's mosquitoes that tiny has killed more than 725000. People and here that's almost twice as much.
As our next deadliest foe. Ourselves. Wonder why -- we.
Let's get their -- seriously would be too great being -- -- couldn't be a huge benefit for mankind. Well wanted to see mosquitoes. There will be assigned summer that was buzzing bugs.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- The potential to millions around the world. -- the biggest killer on the planet friendly terms available. There are more than 3500.
Different species of mosquitoes but. Only around three of those species sauce is spreading diseases among humans far -- the worse -- those. This area.
Some malaria kills an estimated 625000. People here -- the top three killers and kids worldwide. By some accounts -- kill more people than any other in human history.
With the eradication of mosquitoes could lead to the end of all deadly diseases they plague us with. Mosquitoes are taken out of the picture of the disease is a picture. About.
Much point one billion dollars to the estimated -- -- yearly amount to properly battle malaria globally for the cause. -- gets less than. So do mosquitoes do anything.
Positive. To notice there's not much evidence suggests that most -- do you much good. In -- and they know we know he's lost teachers who runs the spread malaria didn't Greek origin and open today and actually meets every two years US.
There's been in battle with -- insects of little use. For well over a century now. You don't management goes back a long way into the end of the civil war didn't start to -- Reliance on chemical methods which wearer of risk sex scene -- -- something new and it seemed to really do the trick.
We may have the weapons to eradicate mosquitoes but -- -- -- to pull out work. Damaged in an environment barber to break habitat models and getting rid of all the spaces where -- they rest Italian after four. Because -- essentially to be introduced a lot of credit because I said the fish shift.
Dragon flies yes they'll probably take care of the problem and start taking care -- and you don't want to take care. So no pesticides know habitat modification. And -- -- -- creditors.
But we left with genetic modification. May be the safest route -- rid ourselves of mosquitoes. And we're not talking -- -- John.
More from. -- -- -- -- said it gene makes -- Only way my execution. Basically what we can we put our Springsteen garment medals.
Israel stated by you or sprint -- a -- and matrix both the house and the offspring and tighten juice. The most -- population that once -- In Tehran. Prior to knowledge and if we can bring mosquito to the brink of extinction if I don't want to expand it.
National or even global scale. I think there would be impossible actually just in I want to get rid of -- procedures -- spread disease. It reminded and ones -- just east that's much more -- us.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.