All year long we have been subjected to intense political rhetoric and hyperbole:

LIBERALS: "I'm still for Hillary. She should have gotten the nomination. I am going to protest and I will NOT vote for Barak Obama. I will vote for nobody."

CONSERVATIVES: "John McCain is a liberal in disguise. He is not a true conservative. I will not vote for John McCain. I will vote for nobody."


Disgruntled Liberal will enter the voting booth and will think:
"If I don't vote for Barak Obama, then we'll have eight more years of George W. Bush.
I am going to vote for Barak Obama after all."

Disgruntled Conservative will enter the voting booth and will think:
"If I don't vote for John McCain, then we'll have eight more years of Bill Clinton.
I am going to vote for John McCain after all."

It's very simple.

People will throw away their convictions at the very last minute.

It will be a very close vote and come down to Democrats vs. Republicans.

The End.

Stop Believing Everything You Read and Believe In Yourself.

A Conversation I Had Two Days Ago:

Somebody I Know: "Eliot...did you hear about Bigfoot! They've caught him! It's For Real"

Eliot: "Look, it's a hoax. Every few months somebody pulls off a great hoax. They hold a huge press conference and get the media all excited and in turn the public believes it is for real because it is in print or on TV or now on the Internet. And the public believes anything in print as some kind of wise unquestionable authority."

Somebody I Know: "But they really have Bigfoot. They've got pictures this time."

Eliot: "The pictures look like a gorilla suit to me. Let me explain to you how to spot a hoax.
1. They hold a press conference.
2. The people making the claim never allow at least three totally objective and unconnected persons to come and examine the evidence.
3. They are vague when asked anything specific.
That is exactly what has happened in this case."

As expected, today it was revealed that the entire thing was a hoax and it was a gorilla suit.

And every major media outlet in the U.S. carried the original story.

Your computer terminal is the most powerful piece of technology ever known to man that connects you to a world of knowledge.
You can read different perspectives, consider different viewpoints and research any subject.

And maybe your opinion will put you in a tiny minority against the majority who says otherwise.

Instead of believing everything you read, try believing in yourself.

John Lennon, a man who said bold things many decades before anybody else had the courage to do so summed it up nicely in a song he wrote:

I don't believe in magic
I don't believe in I-ching
I don't believe in Bible
I don't believe in Tarot
I don't believe in Hitler
I don't believe in Jesus
I don't believe in Kennedy
I don't believe in Buddha
I don't believe in Mantra
I don't believe in Gita
I don't believe in Yoga
I don't believe in Kings
I don't believe in Elvis
I don't believe in Zimmerman
I don't believe in Beatles
I just believe in me

Michael Phelps--Hollywood...Please Stay Away!

Michael Phelps has become a phenomenon. The Olympic Gold Medal Winner has captivated the hearts and minds of people worldwide as he turned his dream of being a swimming winner into a universal champion. He inspires millions. So Hollywood, please stay away.

There are only a few American names the average person can remember as accomplishing the same in the last 40 years: Marc Spitz, Mary Lou Retton and Kurt Thomas.

Thomas, the young gymnast set new records in the 1976 Olympics and became a household word.

And then Hollywood called.

They decided he should be a Movie Star. A cross between Bruce Lee and James Bond.

The movie, "Gymkata," was his first and last, and has developed a cult following as one of the worst movies ever made.

The filmmakers and studio had serious intentions. He would be the next superstar action movie hero. However, at the advanced studio screening which I still regret wasting 2 hours of my time, the vote was unanimous. "Oh My God!...They Must be Joking!" was heard from the confused and shocked guests as they exited this experiment in Sports meets Hollywood.

In the film "Gymkata," Kurt Thomas stars as some secret agent that the U.S. government sends to a mysterious country to compete in some kind of physical competition that they must win. But there are those that will do anything to stop him from competing, resulting in high-energy action-packed scenes involving gymnastics and physical confrontation.

The funniest unintentional moment occurs when Kurt is being chased down an alley by a group of foreign thugs determined to do away with him. Fortunately for Thomas, a parallel bar stretched high up from one side of the alley to the other happens to be just there miraculously, allowing him to perform incredible acts of gymnastics to defeat his foes. I have never forgotten that most preposterous moment ever.

I have also been puzzled for decades now as to why the king of this Austin Powers-satire-style nation had a Brooklyn accent. After all, this was no comedy.

We've gone many years without making Olympic superstars into Movie Stars.

Please, no Michael Phelps in a new version of "Thunderball."

Let's leave the unqualified people thrown into movies to Paris Hilton and her type.


The difference between living in the New Millenium and Biblical Times is that we now have the technology and resources to adequately investigate any claims anybody makes and can instantly share and compare those claims with others who can further enhance or detract from the claim being made. There have been unexplainable miracles then and now and there have also been ridiculous rumors started then and now.

The top ridiculous rumor of 2008 comes from the right-winged trash website WorldNutDaily www.wnd.com

Calling themselves a legitimate news organization while connected to the right-winged maniacs Michael Savage and Roy Masters, the goal of WorldNutDaily is to turn America into a theocracy with their own self-appointed fascist leaders.

WorldNutDaily's inspiring miraculous story of the year makes them look like complete fools.
According to them, they claim a story called "Modern-day loaves-and-fishes miracle reported" actually happened and is worthy of the same space they usually devote to attacking Democrats and other decent Americans who don't buy into their fascist right-winged agenda.

In this miracle story which took place recently, a Christian ministry conference was being held with 3,500 attendees. Exactly 3,500 Kentucky Fried Chicken lunch boxes were ordered, they were all accounted for and handed out at lunch. All of a sudden, 1500 more attendees arrived in the lunch room, but there was no food for them. When the waiters entered the now empty room which previously held the KFC lunch boxes, 1200 more KFC lunch boxes appeared out of nowhere! Enough food for the additional 1500 attendees! An unexplainable miracle which is a modern example of Jesus feeding a crowd of believers from a limited amount of food.

And in a further preposterous claim, Charisma Magazine, the original source of this lunacy, reports that the waiters went back to the empty room one more time, where yet ANOTHER 1200 KFC Lunch Boxes appeared out of thin air!

Again, this is the New Millenium and before we get down on our knees in prayer, we have the opportunity to use our God-given common sense to examine the situation.

Is it possible that somebody on the staff realizing that an overflowing crowd was starting to appear and there was not enough food, picked up the phone and ordered more KFC lunch boxes?

Is it possible that somebody already realized that there would be 5,000 attendees and had ordered 3 truckloads. One had shown up and was given out, the second one showed up a few minutes later and was placed in the same room, and later a third truckload showed up and was placed in the room?

Is it possible that the local KFC, basking in the huge profits it had already made from a 3500 Lunch Box order, sent over an additional 2400 as a surprise bonus for the convention?

Is it possible that some attendee realizing that there was not enough food, picked up the phone himself and sent the remaining 2400 boxes over as a charitable gift asking not to be named?

Did anybody check with the local KFC and find out if they had anything to do with the magical appearance of 2400 additional Lunch Boxes? Were there any receipts or a bill of sale for such an order that can explain this miracle?

After the first 1200 KFC Lunch Boxes appeared out of thin air, wouldn't somebody sit in that room so they could be a witness if it happened again? So they could be in the presence of Jesus as he repeats the miracle one more time?

Can you think of a logical possibility yourself?


If we are to believe that, we have to consider the following:

Why has Jesus decided to favor KFC over McDonald's, Burger King or Taco Bell to magically feed 1500 additional people? Wouldn't some of these people like a Big Mac instead?

When Jesus magically created 2400 additional KFC Lunch Boxes to appear to feed this crowd, did he make sure that there was a fork, little packet of pepper and salt and one of those little wet napkins in each box?

Wouldn't KFC use this incident as a worldwide promotion claiming that God prefers their product over their fast food competitors?

The creation of KFC Lunch Boxes in thin air would bring up serious trademark infringement and patent infringement issues. Jesus could be sued for intellectual property infringement in a Federal Court.

Would these God-created KFC boxes of food contain any unnatural chemicals, radioactive waves or other non-terrestrial characteristics that would elicit the immediate interest of the U.S. Government and the military, resulting in black helicopters circling and invading the Christian conference and confiscating the miraculous KFC Lunch Boxes?

It's one thing creating baskets filled with fish and loaves of bread in Biblical days, but it's another thing creating 2400 KFC Lunch Boxes out of thin air. It's called STEALING. Did Jesus stand in line at the local KFC and pay for those boxes? Or did he make them disappear from the local KFC and appear at the convention? What about the people working minimum wage for KFC? Did they or the local KFC profit from those boxes which magically appeared?

Since this is the equivalent of the Biblical story, instead of wearing a chain with a fish around their neck, can Christians now wear a chain with a piece of fried chicken attached?

Has Jesus appointed Colonel Sanders as a KFC Food Angel who will recreate this miracle at Christian conventions worldwide?

Do 15,000 babies and children who die DAILY of HUNGER in this world before the sun sets, magically have KFC Lunch Boxes appear before them to save them?

And finally, if you are a politically-aware person, you are aware that KFC is under serious scrutiny for unthinkable torture and cruelty of the chickens that become your lunch boxes. Check it out for yourself at www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com

I don't think Jesus would want to endorse a company that engages in those practices.


Modern-day loaves-and-fishes miracle reported
3,500 box lunches feed 5,000 ... with leftovers

Posted: August 08, 2008
12:00 am Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

A Denver-based Christian ministry claims it witnessed a modern-day loaves-and-and-fishes miracle in Egypt where the 3,500 Kentucky Fried Chicken meals it ordered for conference attendees served more than 5,000 and produced leftovers.

The incident was reported by Charisma Magazine and described on a YouTube video about the trip.

According to Marilyn Hickey, 77, whose ministry organized the meetings in conjunction with the Egyptian Evangelical Association, 3,500 boxed-lunches from KFC were ordered and accounted for, said the Charisma report.

"There were tickets distributed for the lunches," Hickey said. "The boxes were given out, leaving none in the room."

But after the food was gone, the crowd swelled to about 5,000, and volunteers returned to the room and were "astonished" to discover 1,200 more lunches.

Hickey reported that after the lunches were handed out, another 1,200 appeared in the room, "leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses," Charisma reported.

Hickey's staff called the incident during the recent Egypt trip a "loaves and fishes" miracle, the report said, after Jesus' miracle in the New Testament in which a small boy's lunch of loaves and fishes fed thousands.

Hickey told the publication she feels confident in proclaiming the event as a miracle because independent Egyptian and non-Christian sources verified the unexplained appearance of the lunches.

"It happened in such a way that [my ministry] was not at all associated with it, which left local volunteers and non-Christians marveling at what had happened," she told Charisma.

Hickey's trip included a series of ministry outreaches and teaching events, including a women's conference attended by more than 1,000. She said another highlight was her visit to a work launched by Father Samaan, a Coptic Christian whose outreach targeted a Cairo slum called Garbage City.

Hickey's ministry, based in a Denver suburb, has worked on gospel projects in dozens of nations during her four decades in ministry. She and her daughter, Sarah Bowling, have a television program called "Today with Marilyn and Sarah" and have plans for an outreach to India in the fall, Charisma said.

AND NOW THE ORIGINAL STORY FROM Charisma Magazine (they don't have an agenda...now do they?)

‘Loaves and Fishes’ Miracle Reported in Egypt
More than 2,000 boxed-lunches inexplicably turned up at a pastors’ conference in Cairo, according to Marilyn Hickey Ministries.

[07.29.08] Bible teacher and evangelist Marilyn Hickey’s recent 10-day trip to Cairo, Egypt—described by organizers afterward as the largest gathering of Christians to ever assemble in the ancient city— included a report of something more astounding than the several hundred who claimed healing and salvation: 2,400 meals from Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) apparently appeared out of thin air.

The reported incident, which if true is a miracle nearly unheard of in modern times, occurred during Hickey’s citywide leaders conference in May, attended by nearly 10,000 pastors and local leaders—from curious Muslims to orthodox Coptic Christians.

According to Hickey, 77, whose ministry organized the meetings in conjunction with the Egyptian Evangelical Association, 3,500 boxed-lunches from KFC were ordered and accounted for. “There were tickets distributed for the lunches,” she said. “The boxes were given out, leaving none in the room.”

After the food was completely distributed, and after the crowd swelled to about 5,000, she said volunteers were astonished to return to what should’ve been a room of empty tables to discover 1,200 more lunches. She said after they handed out the mysterious extras, another 1,200 appeared, leaving a surplus of food and dumbfounded witnesses. Hickey’s staff called it a “loaves and fishes” miracle.

“I am fully convinced that this was a supernatural occurrence,” Hickey told Charisma.
“It is something I have believed to see on my ministry and am overjoyed that it happened.”

She said she feels confident in promoting the miracle because independent Egyptian and non-Christians sources verified the mysterious incident, which apparently occurred sans the hype and exaggeration normally associated with wild miracle claims. “It happened in such a way that [my ministry] was not at all associated with it, which left local volunteers and non-Christians marveling at what had happened.”

Though the unusual miracle was one of the main highlights of her trip, Hickey said her favorite memory was of Father Samaan, a Coptic Christian who ministers to the outcasts of Cairo’s slum settlement called Garbage City. Because of his work, Hickey said more than 90 percent of the poor inhabitants of Garbage City are born-again.

“What Father Samaan has done there is nothing short of a miracle itself,” she said. “It was humbling and inspiring to witness such an unusual place and unusual work of God.”

Hickey has spread the gospel in more than 100 nations during her four decades of ministry. She often travels overseas with her daughter, Sarah Bowling, who just returned last week from ministering in Ethiopia. The two also have a TV program together—Today with Marilyn & Sarah—and they are planning a trip for India this fall. —Paul Steven Ghiringhelli