She Was The Quintessential 1950's Mom

Barbara Billingsley, who lived to 94 years old, was the quintessential 1950's mom.

As the star on "Leave It To Beaver" from 1957 through 1963, she was everything that you would expect from this incredible dream period of American life.

She was always at home during the day cleaning and cooking for Wally and The Beaver.

She was always there when her husband Ward came home and she had to refer the discipline of the boys to his strong but loving wisdom.

She never had an opinion of her own and certainly did not dare discuss politics.

The amazing thing is that the show which began airing in 1957, was a true reflection of American life at the time.

I know because I was lucky enough to be 4 (when you really start observing and remembering things) when the show came on the air.

When you're in the 1950's, you don't realize it at the time.

Jeepers. It was a swell time in America. It seems like a dream now.

A black and white dream of the coolest fashions, cars, music, TV and hula hoops.

Everybody loved their government, big corporations and we all had a real blast.

Going to Larry Mondello's house now.

John Lennon - 70

You SHoOK the World!

This Was Weird

On Monday, I was in Hollywood and ran into Larry Wilcox, the former co-star of the 70's hit tv show "CHIPS." I had interviewed him sometime between 10-15 years ago, so I reintroduced myself. Amazingly, not only did he remember the interview (he must have done hundreds of them), he told me things that I specifically said during our chat back then. I was amazed. He looked great and was just as freindly and down-to-earth as he always has been.

When I was listening to the news radio station late this afternoon, the announcer gave a teaser. She said, "A member of the TV show CHIPS gets busted by the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission), story coming up." I immediately thought, "I wonder what Erik Estrada (Larry's co-star) has done now!

When she came back with the story, it wasn't Erik. It was Larry Wilcox and the story said that he is in big trouble with the SEC for stock fraud and irregularities for a company he started with some other people.

I thought it was so weird. I hadn't thought about Larry in a very long time and now twice in a week!

New Species Discovered In New Guinea

Yesterday, photos were released worldwide of a number of new species that have been discovered in New Guinea.

This morning, the man who yesterday called the President of the United States a "jackass," took it upon himself to twist and distort that discovery and use it to denigrate the environmentalists.

Rush Limbaugh said that since new species have been found, it proves that the environmentalists are a bunch of wackos. After all, if new species of living things have been found, it directly proves that everything is fine with the environment and their complaints are ridiculous.

Anybody with a 5th grade education can tell you that just because scientists have found new species of insects, animals and wildlife--does not mean that existing species have not been harmed by the pollution and chemicals which man puts into the air, earth and water. Scientists have overwhelming evidence on species which have disappeared and are disappearing.

This kind of simplistic logic is exactly the thing that Fox News fans thrive upon.

One of the new species which was discovered somehow missed the photo exhibits online.

It is a newly discovered rat called the Rushmoronis Limbrat. Pictured here for you.