Boycott Apple

Explosions, Suicides, 12-hours a day/6 day work weeks, Exposure to dangerous chemicals, Standing Up the entire day and Deaths--Just an average week for the Chinese employees making your Apple Iphones and Ipads.

Are you going to be the typical American who doesn't care about some Chinese slave laborer working on the other side of the planet as long as you can buy your new toy?

Or are you going to ask Apple to make the necessary changes and enforce decent working conditions?

Read this story in the New York Times:

Newt Gingrich And The South Carolina Hypocrites

You would think that the Conservatives and Right-Winged Evangelicals in South Carolina would have had one priority in their selection of a President in today's primary:

The person with the greatest integrity, morals and ethics.

Demonstrating their ultimate hypocrisy, they selected the despicable Newt Gingrich
over Mitt Romney as the man they would like to see as President.

Disregarding the man's marriage record (which one?) and immersion in some
of the most corrupt politics of the last 30 years, these dedicated Christians want
the man most likely to turn America into a theocracy of their choosing.

That's their agenda and it says a great deal about many people in this country.

Showing How Much They Really Care

The Republican candidates in Iowa spent a total of $12.5 million for TV ads leading up to the state caucus vote.

They spent this money to run ads telling the voters how in tune they were with the American public and how understanding they were of what they were all going through.

What if all of the candidates had decided:
We will all win or lose on our individual merits. None of us will run TV ads.
Instead, we'll donate the money to:

Homeless people in Iowa
Starving people in Iowa
People that cannot afford to see a doctor in Iowa
Education programs in Iowa
Recreation programs for needy children in Iowa
Job creation in Iowa

That would have been just too much to ask.

This chart shows how much it cost to get each vote
for each candidate from the $12.5 million: