One Of The Saddest Things I Ever Saw In My Life -- A Sad Clown Painting Comes To Life

Around 1979, I saw one of the saddest things I had ever seen in my life. I have never said anything about it to anybody, but I'm always reminded of it this time of year.
I always watch "White Christmas" every year at this time, one of the greatest Hollywood musicals with songs by Irving Berlin and starring Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby. 

The post-WW2 story is clever, patriotic, romantic and charming.

Danny Kaye, one of the world's greatest clowns and song/dance men will always be a legend.
My parent's generation knew him from the movies and us baby boomers were introduced to him when he became a TV star for adults and children's programming.

His volunteer humanitarian work on behalf of UNICEF was unprecedented for a Hollywood star of his status trying to help underprivileged children worldwide.

Sometime in 1979, TV/film comedian Harvey Korman was having a birthday party at his house. At that time, I had a business providing some unique entertainment services and had to drop by for a minute to deliver something. I remember in the dining room, Harvey was being hysterical as ususal with all his friends going crazy. 

On my way out of the house, I remember a smaller living room area. It was very dark, but just enough light for me to see a man alone by himself in the corner. His hands were on his face as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and clearly wanted to be alone. Why was he out here in a clearly miserable scenario when the laughter from the next room was so infectious?

"Oh My God," I said to myself, "That's Danny Kaye."

Here was "the" man who had brought roaring laughter, fantasy and a vibrancy to my life and millions throughout the rest of the world -- and I felt like I was watching a movie -- as he for the first time I would ever see in this private moment -- playing the role of a sad clown who was clearly troubled by something that had led him to such despair.

Should I go up to him and say "Mr. Kaye--thank you for making this a happier world for millions of people"???  I knew it was the wrong time and place.

The only time I had the privilege of being near a comedy legend like Danny Kaye and I had to see him like this. It disturbs me to this day. He would have been about 68 at the time.

Americans - Keep Loving Your TV While You Lose All Your Rights

In 1967, an episode of "The Monkees" called “Mijacogeo”
(a.k.a. “The Frodis Caper”)
was totally insane even by that show's writing standards.

In the story, everybody had become hypnotized and taken over
by their TV sets which were only displaying this test pattern:

It was up to the Monkees to find out who was behind it and
stop it.

The amazing thing is that this very thing has happened in America.

While America turns into a police state, the government is spying on every American, your Constitution and your civil rights are being infringed upon and eliminated daily, all of your jobs are being shipped overseas, you cannot say anything anymore
unless it is approved by fascist organizations--you have been hypnotized by your TV set.

Your TV programs are the most important things in your life.

Yahoo!'s front page stories also continually highlight the most
valuable aspect of life in America:
*What new TV shows are coming on
*What changes are being made in current TV shows
*The best deal you can get on cable TV
*The best deal you can get on a new and bigger TV set
*Who was kicked-off of "Dancing With The Stars"

 When you wake up some morning and find out that America has totally become the new Nazi Germany and you are no
longer allowed to even speak or express yourself, enjoy your favorite TV programs!