Hippie For Halloween

I thought it would be fun to dress up as a hippie on Halloween and walk around Hollywood.
Everybody was giving me the peace sign.
It actually looked this way for real around here in 1967-1969.

Sen George McGovern

Sen. George McGovern was the 1972 Democratic candidate for President
against that crook Richard Nixon. I supported him very enthusiastically
the first time I was old enough to vote for President.

He lost in one of the biggest landslides in U.S. history.

His ideas were 40 years ahead of their time:

Wanting to immediately end the war in Vietnam--
after all, little wars here and there help America's economy.

Wanting to create Health Care for all Americans--
the man must be a Communist.

Wanting Justice for all people--
only rich white people deserve that

Wanting Full Employment With A Job Guaranteed For Everyone--
Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard makes Inflation Fun

Wanting to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment For Women--
Women need to be seen and not heard

Wanting Recognition And Protection Of All Minorities--
That's UnAmerican!

Wanting To Protect The Environment And Control Pollution--
This Man Was Corporate American Enemy #1

In a 1972 America that was still one of the most racist
and backwards places on the face of the Earth,
George McGovern's positions were left of left of left.

Even the older Democrats thought he was an extremist radical.

In America, when you run for President, you must appeal to the
current center electorate and just slightly right of that center.

A visionary way ahead of his time.