Rush Limbaugh Goes Through Airport Scanner!

Rush Limbaugh Goes Through Airport Scanner.
Results Reveal Unusual Anatomical Structure!

by Michael Y. Park

Rush Limbaugh joined hundreds of other Americans this weekend as he
was scrutinized by a full-body X-Ray Machine on his way to a golf
tournament from the Miami Airport. However, security was quickly called as the
result of Limbaugh's scan. Never having dealt with a situation as was revealed
by Limbaugh's presence, the TSA quickly rushed their chief medical officer
to the scene for an analysis.

"It's really quite simple," said the TSA head doctor.
"Rush Limbaugh's head is a giant empty space and his
brain resides instead in his Gluteus Maximus. Quite unusual, but we
saw the same thing with George W. Bush when he was undergoing his
Presidential physical. Nothing to be concerned about."

The TSA says that they were still concerned that Limbaugh could
place a weapon of mass destruction in his empty head cavity but
they were soon relieved when it was explained to them that it was
already completely filled with a lot of hot air.

The Crazy People Are Starting To Be Right

It used to be easy to call people crazy that insisted that the U.S. Government allowed known and dangerous Nazis to enter the USA after World War II and in many cases, made all the arrangements for them, and even worked with them afterwards.

After all, these were "conspiracy nuts" who told you those stories and it was ridiculous to listen to anything they had to say.

This week, the New York Times has published a full investigation that reveals, as you have probably guessed by now, that that is exactly what did happen.

We can only imagine what our own government is hiding from us regarding the Kennedy assassination and other conspiracy stories that the crazy people have been telling us for years.

Go Ahead And Buy That Shirt or Dress

If you are an average American, you work really hard these days.

And you've probably put off buying that new shirt or dress, because you can't justify purchasing it.

Look at it this way.

A woman spent $160 MILLION of her own money in the last few months to try and buy the office of the Governor of California. And it didn't work.

What does she have to show for it?

All she has is this lousy T-shirt.

You owe it to yourself to buy that shirt or dress.