The Worldwide Symbol For Oppression Is 50 Years Old Today

50 years ago today, citizens of communist East Berlin in East Germany woke up to find a wall was going up around their city which would prevent them from going over to West Berlin, a haven of Democracy and Capitalism.

They of course were told differently. The Soviet puppet East German government told their citizens that the West was trying to corrupt the East Germans with their decadent lifestyles and corrupt system of government and economics. They were doing all this to help the East Germans.

The truth was that so many East Berliners were simply walking over the border to stay in West Berlin, the city would soon be desolate.

Thus began an almost 30-year experiment with one of the most oppressive regimes in communist history--similar to North Korea today.

As oppression grows around the world today from Syria to the United States, there could not be a greater reminder for those who continue to struggle against governments that systematically are taking away all of their freedoms, of what their fight is all about then the evil monolith that began construction 50 years ago today.