Davy Jones

In 1965, a year before the Monkees premiered on NBC, I heard a song on
powerhouse WLS in Chicago. It was called "What Are We Going to Do?"
and was by some fellow named David Jones. The British voice was distinctive,
emotional and I couldn't get the song out of my head:

"What are we going to do if the word gets out,
what are we going to do if it gets about,
What are we going to do when your dad finds out we're in love"

WLS premiered many songs for the rest of the nation and
this was just one of them. The song was played for a few weeks
and then went away, not getting any response.
The song was forgotten, and I was probably one of very few
that even noticed.

A year later in September 1966, I heard that same distinctive
voice singing on the hits of the super pop group The Monkees.

Nobody ever brought it up or even mentioned it on the radio or
in any of the publicity. It was like they wanted to pretend it never
existed. He was just a member of this new fabulous rock band.

Davy would become the superstar of The Monkees.
He was funny, always got the girl and he would become
a timeless performer connected with the band.

I am so glad I got to see him last summer in The Monkees 45th tour.

The Monkees were The Marx Brothers for the Baby Boomers and
they had great music on top of it.

They have always represented FUN in its highest degree.

The worldwide reaction to Davy Jones' passing today, the
member of a TV sitcom and band that was only around for
2 years--starting almost 50 years ago--is a commentary on the state
of entertainment today.

Who does not love "Daydream Believer" ???

The Vietnam War was raging, the country was going through
turbulent times and you always could rely on Davy in your living
room once a week and on the radio/record player the rest of the week to
bring you a great deal of happiness.

Marcia Brady was right.

The Right Wing Assault On Religious Freedom Continues

The hypocritical right-winged fundamentalists in America are all for
Freedom Of Religion--as long it's their religion that is being promoted.

The case of a man in Iran who converted from Islam to Christianity has
become a major cause for them because the government has sentenced him
to death for doing so. Their efforts should be applauded, but another case
running simultaneously in America clearly shows their hypocrisy.

Jessica Ahlquist, a 16-year-old high school student in Rhode Island has
won her lawsuit against her high school that now must remove a banner
hanging in the school gym for 50 years which promotes a particular religion--

The girl is being viciously verbally attacked in her town, on the internet and the
police are even investigating serious threats against her.
State Rep. Peter Polombo called Alhquist “an evil little thing” on a local
radio show. This is a man who swore an oath to defend the
Constitution of the United States which makes it clear that
the government cannot promote religion. The public school is
a government facility.

What do you right wingers not understand about the First Amendment?

You have the right to any religion you want in America and the
right to have no religion at all. And the schools cannot select one
religion and promote it. Schools are for teaching and not preaching.

My 15 Minute Trip Today To New York And Chicago

Today I took a 15 minute trip to New York and Chicago.

What??? How can that be?

I was over at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and got
a special visit to some of the sets. It was an unusually
windy day.

The Diner in Chicago.
Well at least on ABC's "Happy Endings"

Marcia Brady's Junior High School!

Don't know if I'm quite ready to be
psychoanalyzed by Dr. Phil

What would he say about my Troll Dolls?

The famous gate inside the studio.

Paul McCartney Gets A Star In Hollywood

Paul McCartney received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this afternoon
in front of the Capitol Records building. Approximately 1000 of us lifelong
Beatles fans were there in a sea of Fab Four T-shirts. About 25 police were
there to deal with the enthusiastic crowd, but there presence was not
really needed with a crowd of cooperative fans ranging from small children
all the way up to their Baby Boomer grandparents.

Paul looked wonderful just shy of turning 70 and was introduced by
Neil Young who is definitely showing his age.
Paul said Ringo was not feeling well but had intended to come.
He gave a short speech thanking his fans and the city of Hollywood.
February 9 holds a significant place in Paul's life.
48 years ago today, The Beatles made their debut on
Ed Sullivan's TV show kicking off Beatlemania in the U.S.