Nutcracker Performer Quits Job In Hilarious Manner

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Apparently, the lion on the left in this scene from the "Nutcracker"

decided that he/she no longer wanted to be part of the production anymore.


On today's show, Rush Limbaugh was focusing on his belief that the Egyptian President
Mubarak was getting no support from the Obama Administration. He claimed that Obama's lack
of action was making the pressured Egyptian leader fail.

Then out came this gem:
"Isn't that the worst thing you can do? Hope a leader will fail?"

We only need to look a few years back on President Obama's first day
in office. Limbuagh stated the following that day: "I Hope Obama Fails!"

Too much Oxycontin still stored in Limbaugh's body baby fat is making him an outright HYPOCRITE!

Guitar Hero - A Testimony To Today's Mediocrity

Guitar Hero announced today that it is going to stop making Guitar Hero.

Apparently, everybody who already wanted it or its competitor, Rock Band, already has it and there is no market left.

The video game in which you hold a toy plastic electric guitar is a testimony to just how mediocre things have become.

You would think that the game would teach you how to play guitar. It doesn't.

While a familiar song is playing, color icons come racing by you on the screen and you have to push the corresponding colored buttons on the guitar. That's it. The faster you are, the more points you get.

It does not teach you how to play a guitar, form chords, play notes or anything musical.

Which is why I have been saying it is ridiculous for the last 5 years.

Having played guitar for almost 50 years, it's almost like comparing driving to riding a tricycle.

Even when The Beatles version came out with stunning graphics, all I could do is question how much closer anybody was to learning how to play one of their songs when they finished.

I had to do it the hard way. I had to pick up a guitar and try different chords until they matched the song.

Of course, that involved putting in some effort. That's apparently asking too much these days.