"He was such a beautiful man. His
soul was so enlightened, he was the
only one after me and my sons who
had the pure innocence to change
the world. I once performed with him
and asked him if I could adopt him as
'Prince Masters,' to become my only
androgynous, effeminate,
multi-ethnic and musical son...but he
said he must maintain his
independent identity.
His loving spirit will always be part of
me," said Roy.


Something is Vewy, Vewy Fishy Here

Something is Vewy, Vewy Fishy here


Although this might seem comical...
it is really very scary.

Apparently I am supposed to believe that Americans in general transformed overnight from their usual moronic communication abilities to literary geniuses.

In the middle of the night, I just read an article about Donald Trump and his latest frightening predictions about America.

However, in reading the comments from average Americans, something became clear.

The responses--both for and against Trump--suddenly were not the typical style and representation of American 3rd grade communication.

Instead of being filled with spelling errors, inability to answer intelligently, emotional attacks, incoherent sentence structure and the kind of speech you would expect from Jethro Clampett...
the responses were shining examples of perfect spelling, solid arguments on point, referenced with statistics, past quotes, and structured immaculately in style and grammar...

Meaning one thing:

These were written by paid shills in order to influence readers and manipulate their thinking.

Clearly highly college educated responses which do not represent the "business as usual" speaking manner of average Americans.

And this was being done by both sides of the political spectrum.

Realizing that people are influenced by responses they read, it is now obvious that both parties have sunk to an even greater low--tainting the responses to articles posted online.

What used to be authentic responses from Americans are now paid political advertisements and the game is being played by both parties.

The media already manipulates all the news to their corporate point of view--and now not even the comments are legitimate.

This is really sad.