Thinking For Themselves--Can They Do That?

Students at Boulder High School in Colorado have infuriated right-wing America when they walked out of classes on Thursday in protest of having to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance. The students' main conflict with the Pledge is the phrase "One Nation Under God" which they believe is offensive to atheists, those who have more than one God, and those who just don't want to hear any religion during school time.

They further believe that it is a violation of "Separation of Church and State." They have created an alternate pledge which focuses on "allegiance to constitutional rights."

They all deserve A+ for their test of our Democracy and the Bill Of Rights.

It means that they were actually paying attention in Government and U.S. History class.

It means that instead of just reading a chapter and that's the end of it, they are thinking for themselves and applying what they have learned in the real world.

Isn't that the purpose of 12 years of school? To create independent thinking citizens that go out and defend the Constitution and Democracy and try and make things better and fairer for all members of the society?

Or are you thinking, "Why can't these kids go watch 'American Idol' and send text messages to their friends instead of protesting???"

Get Ready To Call It "Socialized Medicine" Again

"Where does it say that somebody who is poor should get the same kind of health care as someone who is rich? It’s the same for cars, homes, etc.
Let the marketplace work it out."

LARRY ELDER -talk show host KABC Los Angeles

Larry, you've said it all! And we should apply the same to FOOD as well. I mean, where does it say that somebody who is poor should have the same right to eat as someone who is rich? Let the marketplace work it out! The poor can go dumpster diving in the back of supermarkets. There's plenty of leftovers! Or they can go begging for food on the streets--something all of us have witnessed in most American cities.

When I look at our country's basic foundations and guarantees--the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness--I like to think that equal, affordable and accessible health care is one of those promises to every American citizen--regardless of their race, religion, age, social status or financial situation.

The Congress of the United States has the finest Health Care policies in existence for its own members--as do our leaders who are ignoring the will of the American people--all courtesy of the U.S. citizens and taxpayers.

Why should any one American have the right to full health care over any other one at any time?

When Hillary Clinton, no more than a First Lady at the time, attempted to make changes in America's Health Care System 15 years ago, she was immediately condemned by the same people in Congress with full Health Care plans courtesy of the American public. After all, they receive big donations from those that do not want the government telling them what to do--Health Care companies, HMOs, AMA, Pharmaceutical Companies and the rest of the Medical Establishment that like our current backwards system just the way it is.

With 42 million Americans with no health care, it is going to be a major issue in the 2008 Presidential elections.

It is just a matter of time that those who support Health Care for all Americans are again labeled supporters of "Socialized Medicine"--in other words, they are a bunch of Commies.

Those of you with employers who still pay for Health benefits (which are becoming fewer and fewer), or get these great policies for working for city, county, state and federal agencies, just try and imagine your situation without any kind of Health coverage.

You might just feel for a moment what it is like for those 42 million Americans who deserve the same right to see a doctor, get medications and treatment that you take for granted.

For a country that claims to have so many Christians that have been instructed by their God to care for the sick--you are not demonstrating a corresponding philosophy.