Geraldine Ferrarro - First Woman VP Candidate

Before John McCain ruined all of our lives by plucking that cartoon character out of obscurity, Geraldine Ferraro ran as the first woman VP candidate of a major party. In 1984, the Democrats decided to try something very visionary and they nominated a woman for the first time. And they selected somebody who had accomplished major things with civil rights legislation for women in addition to numerous other achievements.

One Geraldine Ferraro is worth 1,000 Sarah Palins.
There is no comparison.

Of course, we had just come out of four years of Jimmy Carter who appeared weak in his foreign policy. The then vice-president who was running as the Democratic president nominee,
Walter Mondale, was not known well by the public and was overshadowed by the Carter antics (Willie Nelson smoking weed at the White House, Jimmy's embarrassing brother)
The Democrats had no chance with Ronald Reagan running.
Reagan appeared strong. It was a landslide with many Democrats making the switch as well.

Sometime in 1984, I was coming out of the once famous Magic Shop on Hollywood Blvd.
Which was on the South side of the street. I saw a small motorcade coming from the
west. I looked into the car and there was Geraldine Ferraro! It was a real surprise as I didn't know they were in town campaigning.

It was really cool because back then all you had was a few TV channels that dominated and newspapers. And Geraldine Ferraro was the main topic of the year.

The oldest living person in America is 119

The oldest living person in America is 119 and she is amazing.

With a fully functioning mind and still getting around with just a bit of help,
Rebecca Laniere of Cleveland was born in 1892 in Mississippi, her parents had been slaves and she currently lives with her 61 year old grandson, having outlived her own children.

Just thinking about what she has seen in her lifetime is incredulous:

She was 6 during the Spanish-American War and lived through 2 different
President Roosevelts.

She was 22 when World War I broke out. She was 49 when the U.S. entered World War II.

She was 64 when Elvis became the first real rock 'n' roll star and she was 72 when the Beatles came to America. She was 77 when man landed on the moon and 88 when computers first became a household item.

She saw the second modern day attack ever on American soil in 2001 at age 109 and lived through 22 Presidents.

Hopefully they are making video tapes of her talking about what she's seen.
And the wisdom she has experienced.

AT&T Should Just Buy Every Other Existing Company

I did everything I could to stay far away from AT&T.
For Internet and Cell I went with different companies.
AT&T soon bought the Internet and Cell company
I had and I once again was involuntarily a customer with AT&T.

The reasons to get away from them were justified. Just some examples.
When I changed locations, I clearly stated that AT&T should move my services
from location A to location B. I asked the representative to read back the order.
Everything was verified. A few days later, AT&T disconnected the services at
location A, however, proceeded to also disconnect neighboring folks near location B of their
services, and then proceeded to reinstall the services to location A.

How incompetent can you get? After it took weeks to undo all of that,
I finally had the Internet working at location B. A few days later the
Internet disappeared. I called AT&T. They informed me that I had never
been a customer of AT&T Internet. I assured them that I was.

This began a 3-hour series of telephone calls which connected me to
various Bell systems around the U.S. and to India.

I finally got a supervisor in Denver who informed me that I was not an Internet customer
of AT&T and there was nothing she could do. When I insisted that I was a customer
she said "I can't do anything else and I'm hanging up."

I got hold of a supervisor's supervisor in Los Angeles. I pleaded with the
reasonable man who listened very carefully that I had Internet the day before
and it had disappeared. Fortunately, he suspected the incompetency of AT&T,
put me on hold and came back with an incredible revelation. Apparently,
my order and another new customer's order had identical numbers except for
the last digit and they were switched. AT&T had taken down my Internet and given
it to somebody else. He started the process to regain my access.

That's just one story. I have at least 5 similar stories with equally incredible tales.
Did you ever try to get through AT&T's menus for customer assistance? You can
spend hours between going through the menus and being put on hold and then they
hang up on you and you have to start the process all over again.

The bigger AT&T gets, the more incompetent they become.
Showing up a week after they are scheduled to come out, giving you services
you never asked for, giving out inaccurate information and it goes on from there.

Every time they buy another company, they make more and more mistakes and
there is nothing you can do about it.

I recently again dumped AT&T services. In order to switch you need some kind of code
number to give to the new company. When I finally got through to AT&T and directly
said "I want the code number connected to my account," their reply was, "Usually when
somebody asks for that, they are planning to go to another service. What can we do
to have you remain a customer of AT&T?" "You can give me the code number right now."

You might remember that AT&T was broken up by the U.S. Justice Department
in the 1970's because they had become a monopoly. The nationwide phone system
was split up into different Bell systems across the country.

It was supposed to stay that way.

That was until AT&T spent millions to convince your Congressional representatives that
they should be allowed to buy other companies again. And they have never
stopped since.

The news today is that AT&T now wants to buy T-Mobile for $39 billion.

Here's what is going to happen. The FCC, FTC and the Justice Department will
put on a dog and pony show for up to a year demonstrating to all of us Americans
that this new merger may not be in the best interest of consumers. They will
hold pretend meetings and get the controlled media to report that they are
really looking out for us.

And the minute there is another Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson
extravaganza dominating the news, they will approve the merger.

All you T-Mobile customers that have been safe from the AT&T Blob,
welcome to your new home--you're going to become an involuntary
member of the AT&T family.

Why not have one company in America running the consumer
telecommunications business--just like we did up until the mid-1970's?
It would be so much easier having only one choice.

It's headed that way again.

My Shocking Perspective on Abraham Lincoln Turns Out To Be Verified By AP

2 months ago, I posted a shocking perspective on Abraham Lincoln in which I stated that he was more interested in saving the union then freeing the slaves AND that he clearly had what we would consider today racist attitudes which came out in his words and actions.

I based this on decades on my own research and studies with most people thinking that those ideas had to be insane--after all, you were taught that Abraham Lincoln was the Great Emancipator--end of story. I had said for years that Lincoln was a politician above everything and would go the way the wind was blowing--just like every other politician.

This weekend, the Associated Press has come out with an equally shocking story--the first ever of its kind--which says exactly the same thing.

Here is the link:

I will be discussing this in more detail over the next month.