Ernie Banks - Here's What Baby Boomers Saw

As a boy of 9, 10, was perfectly OK to get on the "el" in Rogers Park in Northern Chicago and go with just a group of friends to Wrigley Field just a few stops away.

One of the highlights of attending a Chicago Cubs game was to see Ernie Banks.

Here's what we saw: A great baseball player who was incredible at bat, on the field, had warmth and charisma.

This was not a black baseball player to us. We saw no color. We went nuts when he came up to bat.

It is an honor and thrill to be able to say that I saw Ernie Banks play baseball.


An unfortunate commentary on our times -- The President Does A Live Spontaneous Interview On YouTube

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, came on YouTube for a live interview today which was being watched by over 85,000 people. While the interview took place, YouTube ran a corresponding area in which those attending could post their comments.

The live stream of comments for an hour was outright obscene, pornographic, racist, profane, lewd and an unfortunate commentary on our times.
(this is a lighter moment when you click to enlarge. I didn't want to post more.)

During the late 1960's, when for the first time ever, young people were using salty and profane language aimed at Richard Nixon, the adults were saying: "Whether you agree with him or not, he is the President of the United States and you need to speak respectfully."

That language was lightweight compared to what went on for an hour today. It is really a shame.

Richard Nixon would have never appeared in a live interview in which the young interviewers could ask whatever they wanted spontaneously and was not controlled.

President Obama Makes An Interesting Observation

In his State of the Union Speech, President Obama made reference to something that has been unfortunate for America.

He noted that instead of focusing on positive things to move the country forward, we all become involved in "Fake Controversies."

Americans have been programmed to the point that they need something new to be HYSTERICAL about every few days.

Americans become HYSTERICAL about a story being pushed by the media and when that becomes old a newer story replaces that and makes them even more HYSTERICAL. And a few days later the media has an even newer story and so on and so on.

Try keeping track over a 2-week period and watch Americans go up and down like a roller coaster over the newest HYSTERICAL story that the media churns out.

Everybody is so used to it they don't even notice their behavior.



'We Are Still Here': Crowds and World Leaders March in Paris
Millions of people turn out in France to show their support for Freedom of Speech.

Here in America, the sheeple are already controlled. Americans are afraid to say anything at work, home, school, in public or even among friends. They might offend somebody. They are further afraid to write anything on the Internet. America's media is afraid to say anything controversial.

We have become the Land Of the Afraid and the Home of the Offended.

The only way you could get a million Americans together for the commitment to any cause is if the Kartrashians were making a guest appearance and coupons were handed out for discounts on Big Macs.



ELVIS is the coolest guy ever. Even at 80.


It looks like out of 300 million Americans, only 2 will qualify as President in 2016.
Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Americans love celebrity. They must have some kind of "Personality Cult" around them at all times -- even in who is running their government.

They absolutely need a third term for a Clinton or a Bush.

It will be just like the good old days:
A Clinton administration will find new ways of shipping another few million American jobs overseas. 
A Bush administration will get some new wars rolling so that defense contractors can make hundreds of millions.

And that's okay. Just as long as Americans have a celebrity personality in the Oval Office.

With lots of smiles and photo opportunities -- everything will be okay!





One of the most beloved television characters ever has passed on. Ellie Mae Clampett, actress Donna Douglas of the Beverly Hillbillies was 81.


Who has not laughed or been charmed by this innocent country girl and her menagerie of animals?

Other than this popular show still broadcast daily all over the world, Douglas was seen in the most well known and meaningful "Twilight Zone" episode ever titled "Eye Of The Beholder." Or I should say: She Was Not Seen.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you've never seen it and you really need to watch it: